Saturday, July 31, 2010

Which Subcontractors to Choose For Your Cleaning Business?

Subcontractors play an important role in your house cleaning business. In fact, they can be very important in the growing of your cleaning company. How is this so? They can open cleaning business opportunities for you, and they can also boost your cleaning business' marketing as well. That is why choosing the right subcontractors for your cleaning business is a crucial aspect that you must give focus on.

Choose Who Can Promote

In choosing which subcontractors to work with, choose those who can help in the promotion of your business. But such, this means that they can open more cleaning business opportunities for you by being able to tell their other clients about you.

Of course, you should choose a subcontractor who doesn't offer the same services as you do. Otherwise, things can end up the other way around - you end up bringing customers to them and losing yours.

Remember that customers like to work with a single company that has everything they need; something like a one stop shop. So make sure that the subcontractor you hire can make your house cleaning business grow by allowing you to provide a service that your client requested for (but you don't have in your basic services list) and not the other way around.

Choose Who Can Do Things Like You Do

If you have standards on how your jobs should be done, then most clients will like you and in fact, they are most likely to refer you to their friends and relatives too. So when choosing a subcontractor for a certain service, choose one that can do things as well as you can.

That will maintain the standards that your company is known for, and that will also make things go smoothly with the client. See that decision of yours as a good cleaning business marketing consideration - you can't just choose anyone to do the job, especially when it's your name that is at stake.

Choose Who Are Pleasant

Another thing that you should be conscious of, when working with subcontractors, is to note if they are pleasant people - their crew, especially. When you send these people to your client's homes or offices, these people represent you.

And if they are rude or mean, that would be bad advertisement for your cleaning company. So always try to make sure that you can control the quality of people you send to your clients.

Hence, just like in hiring your own cleaning crew, be conscious of their background because they do the job in your client's place under your company's name. You can't afford having them mess things up.

By : Janice_Fowler

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