Thursday, August 27, 2009

There Are More C's to Team Building

Yes there are. I have put C's to team building simply as a way to remind me of all the aspects that go into team building. There are many different areas that need attention from time to time if not daily. But that does not mean it takes an incredible amount of time. It is more about checking on tasks and giving bits of attention to the team. They need to know the leader is involved. So more C's?

Commitment- There needs to be a commitment to the goals of the team. This comes down to wanting the team to succeed. However this should be defined so each member knows what that means. Getting each task done every day is success. Learning new things is success. Being a part of the team is success. But where does the team need to go? Where is each destination? How does it tie into the company's vision?

Content- I view this as what makes a team a team? It consists of a training manual that is updated often. Policy and procedures manual along with everyday instruction. Content also consists of the things that are not written down. It is always an expectation for people to be professional. Even this needs to be explained and have the team understand the leader's definition of this.

Challenges- There will be challenges. This is simply going to happen no matter how good a team is doing. If they did not happen it would probably get a little boring. The most important thing about teams is not that they get challenges but more about how they react to this. The mindset needs to be to get challenge taken care of whether it is correcting something or reaching a goal.

Changes- There is nothing wrong with change. Yes it takes adjustment and sometimes is not easy but the more a person fights change the harder it becomes. Teams need to know that there will be changes. But I suggest that things are not changed for the sake of changing. I have seen this happen almost as if taking ownership of a team, but teams need to see the benefit or it can have ill affects.

Caring- Teams must be cared about. This is the easiest thing for a team to see if it is true or not. If they think they are not cared about there is no reason for the team to care.

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Four Steps to Successful Team Building

For any pharmaceutical firm, building successful teams within the company is essential to achieving long term goals and improving the overall collective performance of the employees. However, before you can expect any team to develop successfully, it must be led by a manager who is well trained in, and understands the dynamics of building a successful team.

Hiring a pharmaceutical consultant is one way to train your managers on how to motivate and encourage employees to work together to meet objectives and reach goals. Being clear on the four stages of team building is a fundamental step in any successful team building endeavour.


During the forming stage the team is usually coming together for the first time. This can be a stressful stage as the members of the team are often nervous, uncertain of expectations and unfamiliar with the manager in charge of the team.

It is the manager's job at this time to reassure and relax the group, and bring them together with a positive, honest and motivating attitude. During this stage the rules and roles of team members are established and the goals and objectives defined.


This second stage of team building is quite aptly named as this is the stage that may create some stormy waters that the team will have to navigate. Perhaps roles and rules that were defined in the forming stage were interpreted quite differently by team members, resulting in unexpected conflicts and disagreements. The manger will have to readdress the issues and make sure that all team members are on the same page.


This third stage of team building is often referred to as the calm after the storm. Issues and misunderstandings have been cleared up and hopefully everyone is ready to work together and move forward. Individuals within the team are now better acquainted with one another and feel more confident within the group. As a result of this confidence, team members are more accepting of the input and ideas of other members and conflicts are handled within the previously established ground rules.


In a well built team, the performing stage begins the real process of meeting goals and making progress. Team members have taken ownership of combined objectives and are ready to provide their individual values to the team's efforts. Sharing of ideas and experiences, and open communications move the team along during this stage. Members begin to grow and develop within the process and take pride in accomplishments of the team as a whole.

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By Nigel Smart

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Make Money With Internet Marketing

Because of the current economic slowdown, millions of people have lost their jobs, or have suffered severe pay cuts or are not able to find good employment opportunities. The way things are at the moment, there is no indication of any improvement in the global financial situation for another year or so.

In the fitness of things, it is better that people start looking for alternative avenues of making money instead of waiting for an opportunity to present itself or looking to work in a secure 9 to 5 job. With the advent of internet technology, findings ways to make money is no problem at all.

There are many online companies that are looking for ways to promote their products and will always welcome such people who are ready to work hard in that direction. One way of making good money is through internet marketing.

All those people who did not know how to tap internet marketing potential in order to make money are discovering newer ways of making money. Many individuals who had thought that they were only suited for a 9 to 5 job at an office, have evinced interest in internet marketing as they have now been able to unearth their own hidden talents which they were not aware of all these years!

There are two ways of looking at internet marketing. Firstly, you may start your own small business or a counseling business with the help of your own website or work for some other online company.

If it is to promote your site, you may post ads in other sites or write such articles or blogs which may attract people to your site and once you increase traffic to your site, you are assured of some business which will generate income.

Other option of internet marketing would be to work for some company online and try and try to hire more and more people under you in order to promote the products of the company, which is called multi level marketing or MLM in short.

You get paid for new recruitment you make and the money goes on multiplying as the persons you recruited continue to perform. In this kind of internet marketing too, you may post blog, ads, create leads, write articles or even take up affiliate marketing to promote another site's products.

All those people, who have looked to generate alternative sources of income, have reaped huge benefits through internet marketing. What is crucial here is you must be ready to work hard, be persistent and not lose patience or hope at any time. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

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By Eric Herskowitz

Internet Marketing Basics - The Importance of Finding the Right Mentors

In order to get started the right way on the Internet and actually be able to learn exactly how to do things right you're going to have to dedicate some time to finding the right mentors. Mentors are people who have been able to achieve the success that you want to achieve and give out valuable information. By paying attention to these mentors and people who have been successful you're going to learn based on their experience.

When I first got started on the Internet I really had no guidance but by coming across different people who I admire and learn from I was able to find my way. It took me some time but slowly I was able to make it happen. It is very important for you to get the right mentors and listen to them in order to become successful.

As you begin your journey to achieving success on the Internet it is going to take you some time but understand that as you continue to learn you're going to become better. Once you get to the point that you have enough knowledge to share with others you're going to be someone else's mentor and you are going to be able to help them by just sharing what you have experienced.

Just like I am able to share with you now what I have learned and of course I continue to learn everyday I'm helping you start in the right way. The best way to thank your mentors is by helping other people out as well.

As you continue to go along the Internet you're going to notice the people that you want to look up to and always keep in mind that those who follow the rules of integrity are going to be the ones who will be great mentors for you.

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By Willox Perez

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Internet Gold Rush

Just like the miners of 1949 there's a gold rush happening. And it's not in California and it's not for actual gold.

It's a rush to make money online! People are clamoring for success. There are hundreds if not thousands of plans, schemes, multi-level-marketing companies, and more all preaching about the simplicity of making a fortune online.

"I Made $5,000 Bucks This Month Online"

How often have you seen that headline on an ad? Did they also have a picture of the check they received from Google? That always gives me a good chuckle. Why? Well, it seems like all of the people in these ads are making the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY from a program that is very random in generating cash flow.

Also, some of these shameless promoters even use the same picture! They don't even bother altering it. So you can actually see two different ads from two different people claiming to be making money online and the pictures of the checks are identical!

So beware, I suppose, is the best thing for me to say. There are legitimate ways to make money online and ALL of those ways involve hours of work and lots of patience. There's no easy money to be made on the internet.

If you do want to make money online and you have extra time and you have the DEDICATION to make it work there are a few things you can do. Look into affiliate marketing, making your own products, or Google's Adesense. These are the best ways to make money online.

By W. P. Allen

Making a Living Online - It is Easier Than You Think If You Have the Right Information and Help

Do you wish to join the exciting world of internet marketing? Do you wish to elevate your enterprise yet another step? By following a few basic steps, you too can become a fantastic, and wealthy, internet marketer regardless of how you are currently doing.

The most important words of wisdom I can give you is to choose one training program and keep with it. Going from self-proclaimed guru to self-proclaimed guru will get you nowhere. There is a great number of people who believe they can do this for you, as well as volumes of information to learn on the subject.

One issue many amateur marketers face is not being able to comprehend the full advantages from the knowledge of one individual because they utilize a guide on a very shallow level and then move on to the next one prematurely.

There's an additional very similar problem to this out there. It is referred as the cringing and very typical marketer's ADD. People are constantly bouncing from one solution to another without following through with thoroughly, since there are multiple techniques to increase wealth on the internet.

As with any business venture, the planning stage, the hopes and the dreams that can be had through money made from your potential business is exciting, but when all that fades, the hard work comes in. Do not be afraid of the hard work because that is when to real entreprenuers succeed and the wanna-be's lose.

At this point, people discard that idea and decide to move on to another technique, starting from scratch and wasting a lot of time, only to bore themselves with that one too, and in the end they will make little to no money and expend a lot of effort.

By John T. Gordon

Saturday, August 8, 2009

5 Days to Internet Marketing Success

The main reason that people fail at internet marketing is because they never take action OR they do not sustain focused action. If you have never heard it then you may have experienced it. There are a number of reasons that this lack of action or sustained action takes place.

Sometimes it simply information overload. The fact that there is so much information on a topic that a person just doesn't know where or even how to begin. They look at everything that is involved in getting started and become overwhelmed at the immensity of it all. Hopefully this article will help you see that you can achieve internet marketing success in just 5 days. (5 days at a time that is)

I am going to give you the plan that I use to help me keep on track and stay focused. I freely admit that I think I am a little A.D.D. because I like to have multiple projects going on at the same time. However, if you are just starting out I would not suggest this.

I would work out a plan similar to mine but stay on one project until you have it completed. Once you have completed your first project you will be on top of the world, even if you never make a penny, simply because you FINALLY completed something. That is the goal - complete a project!

The key to my 5 day plan is to divide up the large tasks into manageable chunks and then complete one chunk at a time. When you do this you feel a sense of achievement and you will eventually begin to see real results.

Below I have outlined some common tasks that many internet marketers are involved in daily or at least regularly. You can use this list as a starting point and adjust it for your own business.

* Create a blog post. If you have more than one blog you can take one day out of your week and create numerous articles that can be "dripped" into the blogs you have.

* Comment on other people's blogs to create back links to your sites.

* Be an active member of forums for your niche. This allows you to make friends, help others, meet possible future JV partners, and by using a signature you can also gain valuable back links to your site.

* Write an article and submit it to an article site.

* Create messages for an autoresponder list.

* Research/review products on Clickbank or other affiliate sites so you can review or promote those products on your own site.

* Create a video promoting a product that you have created or are promoting. It could be an informational video as well that adds value to your own site. Not everything has to be about selling.

* Submit your sites to social bookmarking sites. This should be done for EVERY post or article you create and do it as soon as you are done so you don't forget.

* Write down or record everything that you think of during the day. As you are doing these internet marketing related tasks your mind will be working and coming up with new ideas or better ways of doing things.

* Write one page of a product you're currently creating.

* Update your status on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.

* Write a short report that can be given away.

* Read something that will help you succeed (not a sales letter for the newest product out there)

* Review and organize the massive amount of material you have collected on your computer.

Once you have completed the list of things you need to get done for your business, take and make a daily list of tasks to get done. Be sure it is achieveable. Don't put more on the list than you can actually get done each day. Set your list up for the next 5 days. By writing down all your tasks for the week you will help ensure that you see the big picture as well as the individual pieces of that picture.

If you are able to get all your tasks done each day and you want to start on the next day's list that's fine but don't burn yourself out. Allow yourself time to relax and rejuvenate so you have the stamina to continue all week, every week.

I suggest that you track your list and the completion of your tasks. This will help you see just how much you are getting done and keep you on track so that everything that needs to get done actually does. You will also see your project progress to the point of completion which will help motivate you to continue.

That's it! Create a simple daily task list (to do list) and make it for 5 days in advance.

Make a plan to follow and then follow your plan!

To see how this can really set you up for success let's evaluate some of the tasks you completed and the results after just 6 months of effort.

* 1 article per day submitted to an article directory = 120 articles which means 120 back links to your site and who knows how much traffic will be driven to your site because of those articles.

* 1 blog post per day = 120 blog posts which builds content that we know Google and the other search engines love. Not to mention you are building up a following and if you have created an opt-in list then you are also creating future sales.

* Create 1 full product per month = 6 products of your own that you can keep 100% of the money for each sale or use affiliates to sell your product and bring in even more revenue.

* Find 2 products per month to review/promote on Clickbank or another affiliate site = 12 products that can be promoted via your blog, website or customer list.

* Comment on 3 blogs per day = 360 comments which equals 360 links back to your site. You are now learning how to drive some traffic.

Do you see how these little chunks can add up to big time traffic and sales? This business is not difficult. It just requires a little discipline, focus and time.

By R Mann

You Can Make a Killing With Internet Marketing - What You Will Need to Know Before You Can Succeed

Have you read about folks just like you attaining money online with internet marketing? Do you desire to enhance your enterprise yet another step? If you are willing to keep a few imperative keys in mind, you will be able to develop great income through internet marketing, no matter your level of success.

The first step is to find an accomplished individual or company that can educate you all the way to success, rather than jumping from one new expert to another. There is a great number of people who believe they can do this for you, as well as loads of information to learn on the subject. If you really want to know all there is to know about web marketing then you need to find a person who has made it their life to know all the in's and out's of this exciting cash flow venue.

There's an additional very close trouble to this out there. This error is called "marketers' ADD" in the business world. People are constantly rebounding from one solution to another without following through with thoroughly, since there are many techniques to increase wealth on the internet.

As with any business venture, the beginning stage, the hopes and the dreams that can be achieved through money made from your potential business is exciting, but when all that fades, the hard work comes in.

Do not be afraid of the hard work because that is when to real entreprenuers succeed and the wanna-be's crash and burn. At this point, people discard that idea and decide to move on to another technique, starting from the beginning and wasting a lot of time, only to bore themselves with that one too, and in the end they will make little to no money and expend a lot of effort.

By John T. Gordon

Friday, August 7, 2009

6 Steps to Generating Free Leads on Craigslist

After years of trial and error using Craigslist I finally created a system for consistently generating quality leads for my business and I've decided to share the steps in this article.

Step 1: Create An Account.

This is the easiest step by far, but is critical to getting the best results and to track your results as well. All you need to do is go to and click on the login button, then on the next page if you don't already have an account you'll click on the area that says "Don't already have an account". You just fill in your information, name and email, and you'll be sent an email to confirm. Once you receive the email, click on the link in there and voila you have an account you can start to use.

Step 2: Pick Your Campaign.

Here is what I mean by picking a campaign. If you are going to generate leads on Craigslist you need to do it with a purpose. You need to choose the kinds of leads that you are looking to work with. Here are some ideas: foreclosure buyers, lease option buyers, apartment building buyers, luxury home buyers, first time home buyers, buyers in a particular school district, you get the idea.

Step 3: Create Your Campaign

This step can be a little time consuming (really only 30-60 minutes), but the good thing is once you are done it's done for good. You may want to go back from time to time and tweak, but most of the work is complete. Here is how to create a campaign for Craigslist lead generation. Once you have picked your campaign you then need to create several different ads to post and generate traffic.

Craigslist doesn't allow you to post the same ad over and over so you'll need several different posting titles and posting descriptions (you'll also want variations for the location and price boxes as well). By creating different titles and posts it allows you post frequently, which allows you to consistently drive traffic to your landing page or squeeze page (never send the traffic to your main web page) or to email or call you.

Step 4: Implementation - Posting Your Ads

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Now that you have your campaigns created you need to start posting. I recommend to post twice daily during the week and at least once a day on the weekends. You will want to be posting when there is a lot of traffic to Craigslist because the way their site works the longer your ad is up the farther down the page it goes.

So you probably don't want to post at 5 in the morning as it's not likely that many home buyers are surfing Craigslist at that time. Now it is critical to be consistent posting your ads. This literally takes just a couple minutes a day, but it will become one of those things that after some time becomes a bore to do.

If you really can't stay diligent with it have your assistant if you have one do them for you or you could even hire one of your kids to do it as well. I know I am stating the obvious here, but if you don't post you won't get leads so make sure you stay consistent!

Step 5: Follow Up

Here is where it starts to get exciting. Depending on the information you collect from the leads you may be able to follow up in several ways. If you are just collecting name and email, obviously that means your only form of follow up will be through email. If you are collecting phone numbers, which I would recommend, then you can make outbound phone calls.

If you are able to collect full contact info including address I would highly recommend sending a sales piece, ideally a sales letter enticing them to work with you as a client. Your follow up must also be consistent and scripted. If you are offering a free list of homes, whether they be fixer upper or foreclosures etc, make sure you are regularly sending out the list.

For example in my business I send my free lists to my leads every Thursday morning. This does several things, keeps me on a schedule and creates an expectation from the buyers that they'll be getting their new list each Thursday.

In order to get maximum response from your list you need to make different offers to them. Here are some ideas for offers you can be making to get them to raise their hand to work with you: teleseminars, homes tours, group open houses, live seminars, etc.

Step 6: Track & Improve

The last step is the least glamorous, but might be the most important of all. You need to be tracking your ads and results from the start. If you don't track you'll have no idea what's working and what isn't.

Here are some of the things you need to track, which ads are getting the most response, how well your landing page is converting, how many leads you are getting daily, how many leads turn to clients, how many leads open your emails, and much more. Now this part of the business isn't much fun, but you can only improve what you track and if you aren't tracking this information you have no way of improving your results.

By Josh A Schoenly

What's it Like Being a YourNetBiz Marketer?

Maybe you have just started thinking about joining a network marketing opportunity, or perhaps you have been looking for the right business for a while. If you've found YourNetBiz, you're probably wondering how this opportunity can benefit you and what it is like to be a YourNetBiz marketer.

One of the most important aspects of YourNetBiz is personal freedom. You don't have a boss telling you what time you can leave, or threatening to fire you if you don't show up for work on time. You work when you want to, and you can schedule days off for vacations, errands, or just relaxation whenever you want.

Also, you are not required to put n a certain number of hours each day or week - you can work as much or as little as you want. Of course, the more time and effort you put into growing your business, the higher your income potential.

Speaking of income, many YourNetBiz members enjoy making far more money than they ever did working for someone else. For most of them, it's not the money that is important, though - it is the lifestyle that their incomes provide. Being able to take your spouse on a cruise or your kids on vacation is a wonderful feeling - unfortunately, a feeling that many people with regular jobs never get to experience.

The ability to work from home is another aspect of YourNetBiz that many of its members enjoy. Thinking about getting out of bed and walking down the hall to your office, instead of having to put on a suit or dress and fight traffic to get to a job you don't even like. At the end of the day, YourNetBiz marketers can simply shut down their computers and relax, instead of wading through rush hour traffic to get home.

Because YourNetBiz marketers work from home, they also get to spend quite a bit more time with their families than folks with regular jobs. They don't have to worry about sending their young ones off to day care, or leaving kids home by themselves after school.

They get to experience the joy of watching their children grow up, instead of looking back and wondering how they grew up so fast. They also have more time and energy for their spouses and partners, and enjoy better relationships.

Running a YourNetBiz business does take time, effort, and discipline, just like any business... but for YourNetBiz members, the benefits of running a successful, lucrative business from home are well worth the effort.

By Lewis Blood

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to Make Money Fast!

If you are searching the internet to find a way on how to make money fast, then I can guide you and show you what I have tried and what worked for me. I have tried many programs and finally made my first sales promoting a program that pays you residual income.

It might take you longer to get results, but getting paid commission over and over every month for making one sale is far better than making only one single sale and then getting nothing afterwards.

I would recommend any new beginner to focus on promoting programs with good affiliate training support. I joined an affiliate program that has recently been rated one of the top paying affiliate programs in ClickBank.

The reason why this affiliate program is so popular is because the publisher has made a lot of effort in providing his affiliates with the best training videos to help them with their advertising campaigns. These training videos are for free and will help you promote almost any product successfully.

The steps you can take to make money fast can be as follows:

* You can start at ClickBank and go to the market place and select a product that you can find that pays at least 50% plus commission, make sure it has a good affiliate support back office with enough examples on how to promote the product.

* A good thing to do is to register your own domain name for that product or the other option is to cloak your affiliate link. Using these techniques will let people click your links much more than a long ugly affiliate link. I use a forwarding domain, because it just works better and it only cost me $10 a year at

* You can start promoting your product by using free methods like article marketing, classified ads, safelist advertising, traffic exchanges, e-mail advertising and text ad advertising. You can start being a free member and later upgrade as a paid member with lots more advertising benefits. When you start making your first sales try and re-invest that money into PPC (pay per click) advertising.

* Before you start with PPC advertising train yourself first. Get all PPC advertising training you can possibly get hold off. Become an expert in PPC and you will start making the big money. According to me no other advertising method is so effective as PPC advertising, if you know how to do it right.

* Always re-invest some of your profits in advertising

By Carl Nell

5 Effective Internet Marketing Tips For Small eBusinesses

Here are some marketing tips that are targeted for small ebusiness owners:

1. Build relationship with your prospects.

In internet marketing, it rarely happens that you can convince online users to make a purchase right away. You will need to build rapport with them and earn their trust first before they'll swipe their credit card. You can do this by building relationship with them. Talk to them on forums and blogs. Invite them on your teleseminars and send them newsletters on a regular basis.

2. Obtain an expert status.

This is specifically helpful if you are going against the big dogs. You can get online users to buy from you by simply showing them that you are very knowledgeable on your niche. Share trade secrets, insider tips, and in-depth information through article marketing, video marketing, ezine publishing, and through blogging.

3. Build numerous inbound links.

This is one of the best things that you can do to climb up the search engine ranking. Email those ebusiness owners who are selling products that compliment yours and those bloggers who are writing about topics related to your chosen niche. Send them an email and convince them to link with you.

4. Optimize your website.

Make it easier for your target audience to find you online by simply optimizing your website. Right now, there are numerous white hat off page and on page optimization techniques. Learn them all and apply them on your site to increase its chances of showing up on relevant search page results.

5. Launch advertising gimmicks.

This is the easiest way to make some serious noise online. Run promotions, quizzes, and contest on your website that your visitors can participate in. Then, throw away freebies and amazing prizes.

By Sean R Mize