Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Purchasing Online Leads Can Smooth the Way to More Successful Sales

Although still a relatively new phenomenon, the ability for agents to buy online leads has already created a seismic shift in the way they will do business from now on.

Though lead purchasing probably will not ever entirely replace the tried and true methods of old school advertising and working your network of contacts, the internet has become the new go-to spot for consumers in search of health insurance quotes and information. Obviou

sly, with this glut of consumers online looking for help, agents have had to keep pace by coming online themselves, and expanding their sales strategy to include web based interaction.

For customers, this shift to online content means that they have information at their disposal like never before, and will never again feel boxed in by a lack of options or lack of information on what is available around them.

The work involved in comparison shopping has now been narrowed down to the simple click of a button, and the moment a consumer experiences dissatisfaction with their current carrier they can look around and see what else out there might be a better fit.

This fact is a positive for agents, as they will be encountering customers who are more informed than in the past, and with a clearer idea of what they are looking for before they speak with an agent.

In a way, by buying leads online, you are cutting down on the amount of time you will have to put into making your sale and convincing your potential customer of their best option, because by the time you and the client speak, it should be just a matter of matching them with the package that they want as quickly and courteously as possible.

Agents will also benefit from purchasing leads online because they will be able to narrow down their leads to include specific demographics which they are more comfortable selling to, thereby becoming specialists in a particular area where they are most at ease and have had the most success in the past.

By specializing in this way,agents will be able to take some of the guesswork out of their daily interactions with potential customers, as they will be well-versed in the wants and needs of their specific customer base, and able to address any question or concern with a scripted sales pitch that will only get better with practice.

Finally, because of a higher success rate through targeted online sales, agents will have time to shift focus and devote their extra time to creating a successful client retention strategy to keep their customer base intact. This will lead to less client turnover, and rosters full of clients ready to renew when the time comes.

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