Thursday, July 22, 2010

Innovate - Add Additional Revenue Streams to Your Direct Sales Business

Take your direct sales business out of the box!

Innovation has been a recurring theme for me this week. I keep hearing the word in movies, media, from friends, and it even came up on my Streamlined Success Radio interview with Caterina Rando.

You know when one of those words just keep sticking out to you and you start noticing how often you hear it? That is what this week has been like. My mind has been reeling with ideas for ways to innovate your direct sales business

Direct sales is often sold as a cookie cutter plan for success. You sign up and get your kit, you train, you call all of your friends and book parties, then parties off of those parties, and pretty soon you are recruiting and you're good to go!

We all know it isn't always like that, in fact when I start out I didn't have anyone I knew that would book a party, yet somehow I booked eight parties within my first week of business. Success is different for everyone.

Anyway, back to innovation. So I think that direct sales consultants need to get out of their direct sales mind set. There is more out there than doing parties. There are so many things you can do with the knowledge you have and your products.

You KNOW your products are awesome, you KNOW people should buy them, and want to sell them. You know this because you experience your products ever day and see results.

So other than doing a party. What are other ways that you can use your knowledge, passion, and your products to show the world what you have to offer?

Here are a few of my suggestions that I invite you to run with and let me know how it goes:

Offer private consultations to customers: For instance if you are a home interior consultant you could offer advice on how your customer may decorate a room in her house, or how she could maximize her space. Chances are you have experience and training from your direct sales business that your advice would be very valuable.

Do in person seminars: Not parties, but seminars or workshops. If you are a pampered chef consultant what if you did a quick 30 minute cooking class once a month. Or if you sell make up you could do a quick workshop on prom looks for the spring.

Sell a service: Instead of just offering consolations you could even offer a service to customers. Caterina mentioned this example on the Streamlined Success Radio show. If you are a tupperware consultant you don't just know how to organize kitchens. You could offer a package that includes a certain number of products and then you actually go and organize a room for a customer.

Those are just three ideas on ways that you could use your product knowledge and know how to take your business beyond parties. Sometimes it's nice to spice things up, especially if this is what you do full time. Plus you'll be adding additional revenue streams to your income.

Try out some of these ideas, or come up with your own! If you have any ideas you would like to share please post them in the comments, I bet you have some good ones!

By : Holly_Chantal

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