Thursday, July 8, 2010

Got a Product Launch - Make an Impact With a Custom USB Flash Drive

If you've got a product launch coming up and you need to make a bit of a splash about it then, in addition to all of the regular "fanfare" activities that you're no doubt planning, its worthwhile considering supporting your product launch with a fully customised USB flash drive.

One of the primary objectives of any product launch event has got to be getting your audience informed, excited and enthused about your company and your product(s).

You want them to go away from your event as advocates; you want them to write positive articles about the product, to post articles on their blogs and to use social networking sites to create plenty of "chatter" about what they've seen and what you're launching.

Typically at any launch event there'll be plenty of new information to disseminate and then distribute.

You'll have executives and product managers briefed, primed, and well rehearsed to deliver a knock out pitch, your Q & A's will have been developed and honed to perfection and the venue carefully chosen to create the right ambience and put your audience in the right frame of mind.

With all of this attention to detail don't forget that at the end of it all when the lights go up and the audience goes to leave you want them to have at hand all of the information on your new product or service. Loading them up with piles of brochures, copies of FAQ's, technical sheets is unlikely to be popular.

You could of course email this information out after the event or post it onto a web site or you could do something a little more interesting and unusual and pre-load all of this information onto a customised (bespoke) USB flash drive.

A Custom USB Flash drive can be manufactured in the shape of your new product or designed to look like your product brand. It will be unique to you and your company, it will function just like any normal USB flash drive and done well it really grab people attention.

In addition to carrying your product launch information its highly likely that the flash drive will get used by the recipient after the event to save and carry their own data around. This on-going usage of the flash drive all adds to the viral effect that you need to underpin your launch.

By : Phil_Battison

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