Sunday, July 18, 2010

Think Outside the Business Card

Anyone in business knows that there is always a competition among co-workers and competitors to see who has the nicest business cards. Whether you work for a company, own a company or work as an independent contractor having a quality business card can put you a step ahead of the competition.

Modern-day social networking techniques may allow for faster and greater expansion but nothing beats interpersonal communication in developing long-lasting relationships with clients and partners. Listed below are the top four ways you can increase the quality of your card.

Use Color - Gone are the days when elegant styles two-tone styles make the best business cards. The modern card must incorporate eye-catching colors. This does not mean it needs to include every color in the rainbow, just that it should have enough that is stands out in a crowd as well as a person's memory.

Be sure to use colors that go together and often times brighter colors are better than pastel colors which can be easily looked over.

Card Material - One of the most overlooked and most important features of a card is its material. You can have the most creative, greatest design in the world but if it's made of a flimsy material it will be considered lower quality and give off the wrong message. Make sure you feel the material before the card is made to make sure it's strong enough to represent your products and services.

Be Creative - The average business person collects hundreds if not thousands of business cards over there career. Make yours stand out! Some people make their business cards in unique shapes that represent their products and services like a house shaped business card for a realtor or a car-shaped card for an auto-dealer or mechanic.

Creative designs are often shared with more than just the initial recipient which increases their promotional value.

Card Holders - This is perhaps the most interesting of all ways to increase the presentation value of your business cards. A card holder, especially a stainless steel or leather one, gives off a great first impression and only enhances the quality of your business exchange.

Card holders are also easy to carry and can have custom printed logos on them to further promote your goods and services.

By : Amin_Ramjee

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