Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beginner Beekeeping - Seven Steps to Success

Beginner beekeeping is a worthwhile commitment for a person or group of people. This article looks at six steps which should be followed to create a successful beekeeping hobby or small business.

1. Take a Beekeeping Course

The most convenient way to do a beekeeping course is to do it online.This gives a basic knowledge that is needed to begin beekeeping. The course should be operated by an experienced beekeeper who can communicate his or her ideas well.

2. Join a Local Beekeepers' Association

If you are in the countryside it will be harder to upset your neighbors. For instance, if the bees swarm they will generally still be on your property. However, whether you are an urban, suburban, or countryside beekeeper you will benefit enormously from joining your local beekeeping association (if there is one). However, you can acquire the basic knowledge you need from an online or offline course.

3. Find a Place for the Hives

If you are wanting to keep bee hives in a city please check with the local authorities whether bees can be kept within the city limits and any rules or bylaws that apply. In the city the top of an apartment building is one option or perhaps a communal garden or backyard. If living or having access to a suburban backyard this would be an ideal place within a city. There is an amazingly high amount of forage for bees in most cities. There are many gardens and parks where flowers grow.

In the country there should be no problems keeping bees on your property.

4. Acquire Beekeeping Equipment

New bee hives and tools are recommended because you can be absolutely certain that your equipment is free of diseases. Although it is unlikely that second-hand beekeeping equipment has diseases on it, it is possible. You will also need good protective equipment especially if you are in any way allergic to bee stings. Beginner beekeeping equipment is available online or at your local beekeeping supplies company.

5. Acquire Bees

You can order a box of bees from quite a few different places that you can find on the internet. The bee box will include a queen who will be in a queen cage separated from the rest of the bees.

6. Manage the Bee Hives

You will firstly set up your hives and this requires some knowledge of bees. You will also need to know how to manage hives and a good beginner beekeeping course will show you how to do this on a regular and planned basis.

7. Harvest the Honey

The reward for your time and effort is your honey which will taste better than any honey you have eaten before because you (and your bees) made it! Getting the honey from the hive (extracting) to your, your friends', or customers' tables also requires some beginner beekeeping knowledge. Again find a good beekeeping course to do this last step.

By : Bill_Rutherfurd

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Major said...

Sometimes its pretty tough to find a Beekeeping course. I'd suggest using more online resources before hunting down live trainers. I suggest checking out this Beekeeping for Beginners website. It has a lot of free information to get started with.