Thursday, July 15, 2010

Making Money From Training

IN these tough economic times, it's important for us to focus on income possibilities instead of just worrying about our financial problems. If we can envision a more prosperous future and then channel our energies into productive activities, then we will eventually overcome the money challenges that burden us today.

Over the past weeks, we have been highlighting a variety of options to earn extra money. If you are looking for part-time income, remember to concentrate on opportunities that fit your natural talents, which can be carried out after regular work hours or on weekends. Today, let's look at ways to create income sources from training.

In this information age, many people recognise the importance of training to attain their goals. However, the problem is that most educational sources are priced beyond the means of the average consumer. In offering solutions to the market, you can gain a competitive advantage by charging lower rates and being more flexible to meet customers' needs.

People who will succeed in the training arena should have these competencies: a thorough knowledge of their subject area; the ability to impart key concepts to others; the patience and persistence to work with persons who may be slow to learn; the desire to see others achieve their goals; and a genuine love for teaching.

Here are some possible ways that you can earn extra income from training:

Homework Centre

Many people are feeling very pressured about helping their children with homework. After a hard day's work, most parents have little energy left to figure out the intricacies of their kids' curriculums, but they would like them to get the necessary assistance to succeed. With a little space on your patio or at your dining table, you could easily create a small homework centre and provide this necessary service for a few students.

Math / English

One of the challenges for a large number of adults in Jamaica is that they never passed the all-important subjects of English and Mathematics in school. This situation hampers their job-hunting success and their ability to perform in the workforce. If you have a knack for these subjects and the willingness to work patiently with adult students, then you could create a satisfying income source.

Specialty Subjects

Due to the lack of qualified teachers for certain specialty subjects such as geography or technical drawing, some schools don't offer these topics for external examinations. However, there are students who will need to pass these subjects in order to attain their desired occupations. If you have the knowledge to successfully train people in these subjects and take them to exam success, then this may be a great option for you to earn.

Children with special needs

In recent years, there has been more awareness of the needs of children with disabilities, especially those with intellectual challenges. One of the biggest problems for parents of children with autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other learning impairments, is the shortage of institutions and trained special educators that cater to them.

Many of these children also need extra reinforcing after school to help them to retain what they learnt. Even without specialised training, persons who have a talent for using stimulating exercises to teach the basics of reading, writing and math can earn extra income by offering tutoring services to children with special needs.

Computer / Internet

In our technologically driven society, it is increasingly difficult for persons to survive without using a computer or the Internet. Senior citizens, persons without access to personal computers and small business operators, are all prospective customers for an enterprising person who wishes to teach basic computing skills. With a few computer stations and a little patience, you could develop a very lucrative side job.

Accounting Packages

Providing services for the small business community has tremendous potential for the enterprising entrepreneur. One area of immediate need for micro operators is training on the use of simple accounting packages such as QuickBooks, given the increased efforts of the Tax Administration to get small enterprises tax compliant. If accounting is your specialty, you can develop a course that demonstrates how to use this software to satisfy their bookkeeping requirements.

Customer Service

Another major area that bedevils many small enterprises is the low level of customer service provided by their staff members. The typical entrepreneur lacks an understanding of human relations practices that can help to streamline their service delivery. Using innovative techniques and the wealth of information available on the Internet, you can create a training module that addresses this need.

If you focus on where people have a need for training, then you can think of several other areas to target for a tutoring business. You can advertise your services by putting up attractive flyers at offices, schools, supermarkets and churches, and by word of mouth from your satisfied customers.

By : Cherryl_Hanson-Simpson

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