Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Someone is Going to Win! Will it Be You?

In this article we are talking about the art of selling your Chiropractic service. If you feel that as a chiropractor you are not selling that's okay for now. We will get back to that.

The truth is everyone has something to sell. As a doctor of chiropractics what are you and your office selling? You are selling the idea of health. That is getting healthier and feeling better.

In the 'sale' of this service or any service it is said that two things happen in ever sale: #1 the prospect buys what the seller is selling or #2 the seller buys the prospect. Thus the question, someone will win, will it be you or your prospect?

Understand that if you feel that your product or service is the best and can fulfill the needs of the client, you need to win him or her over to your side. In chiropractics you are doing him or her a huge dis-service if allow him to win and not see the side of the benefits of chiropractics.

This can be an easy game to win. First you must realize that you are the GURU when it comes to what you do. You must get as far as his or her attitude will permit you to. You need to ask questions and use those to build your foundation on.

what are his or her reasons for needing your service? One other way to question is, what are his or her reasons for not using your service? do they thing that you are only for backs or are they unfamiliar with chiropractics? If they are uninformed, this is wonderful. Tell them about the power of life and invite them to see you in the office.

Try to fit it into their conversation. That is the conversation they are having in their own mind. Is it, my back hurts? I wish i could feel better/ my health plan stinks? I don't agree with my medical doctor and want a second opinion?

Talk to them on their level of education. remember not to use terms that they can not relate to. Keep in mind, you went to the university and they may not have - so put it in their terms. Once the understand and they will, you have won the game. The thing is, you see...if they win, they lose and if you win, so do they.

By : Mark_T._Joseph

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