Monday, July 12, 2010

Wake Up From Auto-Pilot to Become the Best Version of You

To clarify it, I like to use what I describe as the "Panty Metaphor."

It's time to step it up from the granny panties. That's right ladies; (and some men, you know who you are)... drop those unexciting, boring, vanilla granny panties and pull on a spicy thong or a cheeky printed g-string.

Remember when your mother used to tell you that you should always wear clean panties, just in case you ended up in the hospital and someone saw them? She was absolutely right!

Would you be caught dead in a pair of unsightly, high waisted, hand- me-down granny panties? Of course not! You want to be seen in something that proudly states, "This is unquestionably the very best version of who I really am!"

Now in case that doesn't sound true or hit home for you, think about this:

Picture feeling more genuinely connected to your own specific talents and gifts. And being able to feel connected again and again on a consistent basis.

Dependably make great decisions in your business, even when you're under stress or anxiety - feeling completely relaxed and taking a bigger and better leadership role in your life and in your business. Wahoo...what a feeling that would be!

Think about finally having a highly developed tolerance for bigness - Big Thinking, Big Heart, Big Mind, and a Big Life!

Visualize a totally changed relationship with money - so you can expand your lifestyle while bringing your specific gifts to the world, and having fun while doing it!

If you're a solo-preneur, coach, consultant, healer or spiritual teacher who is struggling and frustrated to get to the bottom of why you've been hiding out, playing small and repeatedly attracting the same kinds of negative people in situations in your business, it's time to move forward in your business. It is time to come out of the closet.

Does any of this ring a bell or make sense to you?

* You don't have the inner courage or confidence to have "the money talk" with clients, or to raise your fees and get paid what you are worth. You look around and charge what others in your industry are charging, and yet, you know you are worth plenty more. And, you're unable to fill your practice or programs. As a result, your business and income have more ups and downs than an escalator.

* You're not making the money you want to, and you feel anxious, overworked, and weighed down with more than you can handle. You're left operating on autopilot and wondering if this is all there is to life. Worse, you have no one to talk to about it because you don't want anyone to know how you're really feeling.

* You rarely ask for enough, and you exhaust and overwhelm yourself by being all things to all people - as a result pushing yourself off your own "to-do" list over and over again.

* Your persistent procrastination is limiting your potential income, and with the new economic changes, you feel uncertain about your financial future.

* You have spent money on marketing, ads, web sites, direct mail and networking, and you're STILL struggling.

* You know you are hiding in the closet, from bigger and better possibilities - as well as a more confident and successful version of yourself.

To add it all up, you wish there was a better, easier and faster way to get precisely what you want, right? You want a shortcut to taking back your personal power and powerfully accelerating your prosperity, abundance and business growth.

I've got great news:
This does exist and it is possible! Because we have a limited time together, I'll show you where to get more information later. In the meantime, I will give you as much as possible to get your started on your way now.

By : Beverly_Boston

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