Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why Location Based Advertising?

In this growing era of competition, one of the latest means of advertising is Location based advertising (LBA). It is an effective means of advertising which rounds up clients by sending location-based text ads to their cell phones using location tracking technology and mobile networks.

Consider an example of some tourists in New York looking for a good place to eat but they don't have much idea about the local restaurants there. Now a very simple solution for them is to contact dinning club's websites using mobile and they will provide them with a list of restaurants according to their location, time, culinary choice and a discount coupon sometimes also goes with the offer.

Two Approaches-

The simplest way to understand Location Based Advertising is to break it down into two types, i.e., push and pull approach.


With the Push Approach, you initiate the marketing and ads are sent to mobiles phones based on their geographic location. This way you're targeting either the mobile phones of the general public or of specific people who opt-in or sign up to receive your ads.


With the Pull Approach, the users themselves are seeking information for some certain thing. In contrast to the push approach, here the ads are sent to them on their request. An example of this approach is someone in your town looking for a nearby Chinese restaurant or banquet hall. In this case he can use a mobile application that will provide him with the details of the place along with a map and a coupon as a bonus.

Overall, LBA has three distinctive advantages; these are increased reach, more relevance to your customers and better results.

Since nowadays mobile phones are about as common as house keys you've got a sure fire way to reach your customers you've got a way to give them the exact kind of information they are seeking, which makes you and your brand very relevant to them as well.

By : Vernon_Harleston

Digital Outdoor Signage - Understanding What Is Involved

Digital out-of-doors advertising is utilized to promote every thing from groceries, clothing to automobiles; due to the technology used this method of marketing is so flexible and can be tailored to advertisers needs.

No longer is the day of the printed marketing poster, now these are being changed by dynamic out-of-doors marketing, the incentive is owing to the move in equipment and the less technophobe users who are demanding data and if a retailer or manufacturer can not meet the command for the technology the consumers will move on to someone who uses and integrates their solution with a technology based solution.

This is why the movers and shakers such as Nike are using van mounted digital marketing to inform passengers in autos that a Nike outlet is at the next exit on the interstate, this will then split a journey up and provide some shopping treatment for the commuters.

Dynamic out-of-doors signage normally consists of a digital TV, a media player that stores the ads and power. These can be on trucks, at the side of the road, on gas pumps, on the roof of a taxicab.

The equipment can be supplied in the shape of a modular video wall, or a commercial screen and a digital sign enclosure, these give the protection needed for extreme weather. The solution will rely upon the place, the weather and most notably the finances to finish the project.

With the introduction and increase in digital posters and LCD advertising screens, inside digital marketing demand is growing fast, these are unquestionably not for out-of-doors use as they do not have any fortification for water or dust access and these will surely become broken if used outdoors without defense.

Digital advertising has been around for a while and now there is equipment for inside and out of home functions, depending on expenditure anything is possible, with the digital poster range in sizes from 17" to 80" and LCD displays on hand in general sizes from 15" to 80", but it is evident a dynamic sign cabinet is needed for outdoor use to protect commercial and domestic TV's.

The key section that links them all is the monitor and a storage device for the ads and the facility to run ads in a set rank, the similarities end when you start talking about scheduling updates so an entire electronic signage network synchronizes and refreshes the ads with new advertisement campaigns.

It then gets different when different kinds of media players are employed from 3G for mobile dynamic advertising, wireless for ease of deployment and networked media players that are used to offer a redundancy free solution.

When done perfectly they are all striking, however get it incorrect and the entire campaign can be beached before it takes off. When thinking about any dynamic advertising campaign, it must be planned down to the last aspect, from setting, to the availability of components to build the solution required. Trying to skip a solitary planning part will make problems later in the project, so the best is to plan the solution is to consider every part of it.

By : Dave_Bradley

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Use Business Proposal Sample to Drive You to Success

There are times when businesses are tightly pressed to an extent that they would desire to engage a supplier who would help them cut on costs and increase their level of competitiveness. Businesses are willing to take forward discussions with players who would help them achieve the above but this is only possible if a good business plan is presented.

If the concerned person can come up with a very convincing business plan, nothing will prevent the business owners or managers from collaborating. Since everybody aspires to invest his or her money in a promising and less risky venture, anything that's short of convincing them on the viability of the business will not be looked at. It will head straight to the dust bin.

Business proposal sample can go a way forward in guiding you when it comes to drawing that high class business proposal that would attract the attention of your target. It will help you create a solid foundation by avoiding the shortcomings that would be inevitable if there would be no sample to guide you.

The sample will help you put in place the core strategies that are necessary to create a winning proposal. The problem and its solution, the existing evidence which is mainly as a result of well done research, the risks and other related assumptions are well presented hence making it more likely to succeed.

The sample will just show you how important it is to start with the existing problem and how you can have it solved more efficiently even before you describe other parts, an important component of your proposal.

Summary: Writing a great business proposal that would guarantee you success need not be a struggle since the available samples would offer you the necessary guidance that will enable you understand whatever should be part of your winning business proposal.

By : Stanley_Hardin

Cardboard Shredder - What Are the Benefits for Your Business?

A cardboard shredder is an electrical machine with the sole purpose of busting up cardboard into slivers for recycling or re-use. Alternatively, they can have cutters that chop the cardboard into a mesh pattern as opposed to straight strips of card. They are not feeble or flimsy like the average office paper shredder, they are tough, powerful and durable.

But what reason might you want a cardboard shredding machine in you business?

The first benefit of owning a card shredder is that you can recycle your cardboard. Waste cardboard costs money to have removed by waste contractors. It costs money to break down cardboard boxes in terms of time and labour.

Now there is little you can do about the labour costs of breaking down cardboard but if you process the cardboard using your cardboard shredder, you can transform it into a useable product.

Shredded cardboard can be used as packing filler for your outbound goods. This costs you nothing other than the labour time you use to shred it. You would use that labour time breaking up the boxes to have them placed in a refuse skip for collection anyway, so why not use that labour time processing the cardboard through your cardboard shredding machine?

If your business has inbound goods in bulk and sells outbound goods in smaller quantities, package filler is a viable use for this card. However, if this does not suit your business needs, you can process the cardboard and sell it on to other businesses as filler for their outbound parcels or alternatively, it can be used a fuel for suitable furnaces or better still, used as bedding in zoos and at horse stables and the like. The shredded cardboard has the added benefit of being both highly absorbent and hypoallergenic. It also absorbs odours which in itself is no bad thing in bedding materials.

Using a cardboard shredder can also add to your green credentials when you explain to your market that you recycle. In this day and age of environmentalism, every little thing help improve your unique selling point in a crowded and competitive market. Make a point of explaining to your customers, in your marketing material, that you are environmentally aware. It will reap rewards.

Alternatively, if you cannot find a use yourself, sell the shredded card for profit to local businesses as a packing filler. As I have already mentioned, zoos and stable yards or horse racing stables will all make potential customers.

Cardboard shredding machines come in many shapes and sizes. Find one that suits your needs for now and the forseeable future of your business.

By : Mark_E_Kaye

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Aren't You Getting Things Done?

As I mentioned is a previous post, I am a bit of a productivity systems junkie. I've tried just about every system and philosophy out there. All work for a while - but none have really stuck until now. I've finally settled on a two-tier system.

I keep my to do's in a project collaboration system and use a mind map for day-to-day project management. I've been thinking about why I haven't been able to find something that works until now. Here are what I think are some of the major reasons people get stuck in a productivity rut.

1. Lack of a Workflow -- In an ideal system -- tasks move from idea to implementation to done. But, anyone who works *with* anyone else knows that it is rarely that easy. The more people involved in getting things done the more tasks move back and forth on the completion timeline.

The key to managing this seems to be having a great communication and collaboration system that tracks tasks and input so anyone on the team can pick up where others leave off. I recommend basecamp for this type of collaboration.

2. Too Many Items On Your List This problem actually stems from problem #1. If you don't have a good handle on your projects -- you can't know how much time you have for new projects. The other major cause of too much on the list syndrome are not being willing to delegate and not being able to say no (which when you think about it are the same thing).

3. Lack of Control Over Inbox OK this is another outgrowth of numbers 1 and 2. I used to feel that I had very little control over my workflow. My clients would send me work to do and set deadlines. What experience has taught me is that if my schedule looks full - it is much easier to "just say no" and offer an alternative date than it is to promise to meet a deadline that you can't make - and then do a poor job.

4. Poor Communication Ultimately your success in any service business depends on how well you can communicate with your clients. If you don't communicate well, you end up wasting more time asking for further clarification. You also run the risk of burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline that it turns out is not all that important to your client.

5. Lack of Confidence One of my clients has an excellent course called Productivity Mindset Mastery which presents a unique angle on the productivity puzzle. She presents procrastination as basically due to a lack of confidence. Either we don't release the final product because we are afraid of what people are thinking *or* we spend so much time re-hashing prior conversations and worrying that we don't get things done. Lack of confidence can also lead to perfectionism which does not lead to projects being finished. A great way to build your confidence it to get things "good enough", release them, get feedback and then tweak them more.

Why don't you get things done?

By : Meredith_Eisenberg

5 Alternatives to Seller Finance When Selling Your Business

The need to use seller finance when trying to sell your privately held company has come back into vogue due to the lack of third party finance being readily available. Some techniques less known and used, however, are available but require a clear understanding between the seller and buyer and may then need good legal agreements to clarify, protect and define the responsibilities of each of the parties. Here are five options both a seller and buyer may want to consider.

Option One: Allow the buyer to assume the sellers credit. Both parties need to be clear on their roles and responsibilities, but if the buyer is able to run the business and continue to buy all inventory or other items the seller always bought and paid so they earn a high credit rating, this can make the transition of the business easier to the buyer.

If this method of financing is considered, an agreement should include a separate indemnification clause between the seller and the buyer making the debt the ultimate responsibility of the buyer. Using a good attorney is best to prepare this legal document.

Option Two: A similar idea to the one above but of the buyer assuming the sellers credit, the buyer is allowed to assume capital notes and leases. The seller is allowing his good credit to again be exposed to future decisions of the buyer, but can help the buyer to build their credit worthiness.

Option Three: A popular approach where the seller of the business has conceived an idea or the business would experience strong growth by either a capital injection from a buyer or merging with a much strong business is an earn out.

An earn out basically is an agreement that the seller will receive a portion of the sale price based on the sales or profit achievements of the business in the future. This can be attractive to both parties where it is clear the business will grow once the buyer and seller come together.

Some buyers like to use an earn out as an incentive to the seller to make sure the business transitions cleanly to the buyer. This can be difficult to negotiate; especially if the seller has little to no control over the buyer and the operation of their business and its employees.

Option Four: If a business has a large amount of inventory that the seller owns outright, the use of a consignment sale for this part of the transaction may be useful. Under this scenario, the seller retains title to the inventory but allows the buyer to sell it in the business and pay the seller for the inventory as it gets sold.

This saves the buyer having to get inventory from other businesses while it allows the seller to get his money from the inventory and be exposed to the market.

Option Five: A very common option when selling a business that also includes real estate owned by the seller is for the buyer to lease the real estate from the seller for a period of time and have the first right of refusal to buy the real estate if at some point the seller wishes to sell.

Seller finance does not have to be restricted to purely a seller note on the transaction. A seller can be used to receiving many business 'perks' they have enjoyed from owning and operating their business. Allowing the seller to continue enjoying those 'perks' can be a good strategy when buying a business.

By : Andrew_Rogerson

Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 5 Qualities That Every Businessman Should Have

Being involved in a business is one of the ways for us to survive. Nearly every people in the world today are involved in business. There are businesses that last long and there are those that only last for a couple of months or years.

One of the factors that greatly affect a business' success is the character of the businessman himself. If a business is handled by a good businessman then there is a very great chance that the business will succeed. While a business handled by a business man with poor character will surely die.


A good businessman should have a good knowledge about the business he is in and it's associated with. He should have knowledge with trade, marketing, stock market, finance, mercantile laws and banking. He should also have great knowledge about math and economics.


No matter how good a person is in the market, if he does not have this character no one would ever want to make business with that person. Most businessmen are looking for a business that they can trust and will never stab them on their backs. Many businessmen are opting for an honest person with little knowledge about marketing than those who are good at business but are dishonest.


Being on time is another trait that a good businessman should have. Time is very important, not only in business, but in every aspect of our lives. A single second that has passed by can't be taken back. Same as with business, being late in a business meeting may cause a decline in business offer or a loss in your money.


A business' success depends mainly upon the faithfulness and cooperation of each employee in the company. The employees mainly look up to their boss, and what their boss is doing greatly affects how their workers are performing. So, for a company to be productive and successful, they should have a leader with a good leadership character.

Financial Ability

Finance is another great important factor in running a successful business. Without a proper finance no business is going to be able to run smoothly and succeed. The larger the capital invested on a business the bigger the business is and the bigger the volume of income will be.

Now you know some of the traits a good businessman should have. Being involved in a business is not a joke it should be taken seriously because money is at stake in this game. Hard work and perseverance is a must in this field.

By : Greg_Pierce

Top 10 Tips To Recession Proof Your Business

Things for some people are bad right now. Some cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. The worst part of this, is that the government suspect the economy is about to enter a double dip recession. If that happens, there will be a dramatic effect on not only banks and large corporations, but small business and profits as well.

No matter what happens, panicking about this is simply counter productive. It is best off to be prepared in case another economic storms rolls in. That way, if catastrophe strikes you will be prepared. If nothing happens you have also lost nothing.

Here are the top 10 ways to insure you business is protected against a double dip recession:-

1) Increase the advertising of your business. Normally ad agencies become highly competitive. They have to lower their costs for clients. Take advantage of this to increase your customers and profits. Sometimes you can double your advertising and the costs remain the same. So your profits are the same, and having double exposure will increase the chances of you name getting out there.

2) Increase your cash flow by using your client base. Use 2 for 1 deals, 50% off deals, limited offers, bundled packages. Too many businesses do not realize the money is in the list of clients they already have. Go to your top 20 clients on your database and offer them something they cannot refuse.

3) Make sure you are in constant communication with your accountant. This will ensure you are not going in above your head. Know and manage your budgets and talk to them about your limits, your risks, your advantages and disadvantage.

4) Cut back on unnecessary items in your office. Do you really need that water cooler, fancy photocopier, furniture collecting dust, laptops, stationary. Always buy what you need, and stick to your budget. Many companies that buy things they don't need are just wasting money. You would be surprised at just how much these things add up to each year. If you don't need it, don't buy it. Cost saving is the goal here.

5) Create a better marketing plan. Simple things can save your money and also make you lots more. Sit down once a week and work out strategies on what you do well, what you don't do so well, and how you can perform better. Make these meeting fun, and energetic, and include all your direct employees. You will be surprised at some of the ideas you will get from these brainstorming sessions.

6) Study trends during past recessions and find out what areas of your business did well. Then focus more on pushing these areas when you advertise. When the economic dwindles, people have less money. Most smart businesses add value and keep their prices the same. That way they get more of the market share, more clients and their profits increase, whilst their competitors suffer.

7) If you do feel that customers are not committing to your products, lower your prices. This can hurt a little, but remember you still have profit targets, bills to pay, and employees to look after.

8) Network with others. Sometimes leverage is the most powerful vehicle in the business world. Lots of business is done by word of mouth now days. Find local meetings and network conventions to meet and greet others. Some of the biggest and most powerful business alliances have been formed from these events. Networking with others in your area, and business is a great way to take your business to the next level.

9) Test and measure your results. When things slow down, your results and business will change. What yo need to do is test and measure results. Test to see what is working and what is not working. Then it is simply a matter of doing more of what is working and doing less of what is not.

10) Never give up. There are far too many business owners that simply thrown up their hands and give up. That sort of approach to business never wins. If things get tough find a guru in your field and even pay them to help you improve your situation. They have the experience and have already experienced the highs and lows and even all sorts of economic climates as well. Their advice can sometimes be priceless.

By : Jon_Safer

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Networking Events Vs Events to Network

I was recently asked a question to determine the difference between actual networking events and events in which to network. Believe it or not, there is a distinct difference between the two.

If you are an individual who enjoys the activity of networking, any event that you attend can be considered a networking event. It could be a party, wedding reception, grand opening, etc.. It really doesn't matter, as long as there are people to meet and interact with.

This perspective suggests that the world is your platform. Well, for an individual who really has networking implanted in his or her heart, anywhere and everywhere becomes an opportunity to network. This may also suggest that the type of event one might be attending, is irrelevant in relation to the perspective of the networker.

However, as mentioned above, there is a distinct difference between specific networking events and all others. For example, I have heard people call seminars and conventions, networking events. It is completely possible to conduct business networking at these events but they are not, in effect, "networking events".

Specific examples of networking events are; Business Card Exchanges, Networking Happy Hours, Speed Networking Events, After-work Business Mixers, etc.. These are events which are intentionally organized with business networking as the central focus. In other words, there are detailed and specific measures taken when preparing these events that encourage and induce business networking to transpire.

Many times you'll find the word "Networking" in the title of the event like; Speed Networking, for example.

It is a person's prerogative whether they would like to practice the act of networking at an event which clearly has a different objective. This may seem obvious but there is some confusion over the different options. This is why explaining the distinct differences is relevant.

There is such a wide variety of events available and the ones that fall into the business category are often confused with networking events. Tradeshows, Business Expo's, Job Fairs, Conferences, and more, are not specific networking events unless they are specifically organized to be so. In making that statement, I must also re-emphasize that the actual practice of networking is completely a result of the acting parties involved.

The above may also define your inner attitude towards mingling and networking with people in general. If you view a conference or seminar as a networking event, this suggests that you are a socially confident and endearing individual. In other words, you openly and generously welcome networking opportunities when they present themselves.

By : J._H._Lee

Business and Networking - They Go Together for a Reason

Networking is a huge part of success. Many people have achieved great success when making the right connections. There are many different ways you can meet new people in your business. If you work for a big corporation, many of the employees probably attend happy hour at least one day a week. This is a great way to get to know your fellow workers and start networking immediately.

While it is true that making the right connections can open doors for you, it is totally up to you what you do once you are inside those doors. This is where your talents and skills will come into play. Hard work will be required no matter where you are, even if you know all the right people.

Salesman love networking because of all the different people do get to meet. Great salespeople try to make connections with people they can learn from, not people they can sell something to. Make connections with people who have integrity and work hard in whatever field they are in.

You should be looking for valuable information from all sources possible in your field of work. You can use this information to exchange for other information while you network. Being able to add value to a situation, will show others you are a person of high integrity and intend to give more than you take. You will do this by constantly seeking new valuable information from books, newspapers, magazines, and by able sources on the Internet.

What some people do not realize is they need people in the networking group they can rely on. Some of these people include psychologists and your physicians. Psychologist can be a great source of information and keep you on track in life. There are many people who meet with psychologists on a regular basis just to make sure they are staying on track and are not getting too far off in their own heads.

Networking with physicians is also a great idea. Unfortunately, there are many times in life where you end up with health problems that are unexpected. If you form great relationships with physicians, as well as psychologists, you can have a wide resource of answers when you or a loved one has health issues.

You should be constantly networking with new people every chance you get. Make sure you only include superstars in your group. Do not try to include people who will be a total waste of your time and possibly take you backwards in life.

By : Darius_Maslow

Friday, September 24, 2010

Best Practices in Negotiation - Is It A Trick?

Jack wanted to sell his kayak, so he listed it online and got a few inquiries.

One couple came over with a truck, a good sign, but the wife criticized the implement in a voice that could be heard down the block.

Surreptitiously, Jack had Googled her name before she arrived. He expected diva-like behavior, having discovered she is an actress in regional theater productions.

Examining the kayak she bellowed to her husband, "I thought it would be LARGER!" He was standing right next to her.

Was her loud lament a negotiation trick or a heartfelt expression of chagrin? Did she hope, by lambasting the item she would lower the price?

Jack thought so, and purposely he elected not to react.

Imperiously, she departed with her spouse. About three minutes later, she returned, rang the bell, strode up to Jack and made an offer that was a third lower than the asking price.

Another ploy?

"Definitely," says Jack, no stranger to the bargaining dance.

"Walking away was her big move," he explained. "It's taught as a tactic in negotiation books. Mistakenly, she thought I would follow her out the door, as if I were running a bazaar!" he quipped.

Another couple expressed interest but canceled an appointment an hour after the agreed meeting time. Phoning, one of the partners mentioned she wanted to photograph the kayak to show it to her husband.

Jack tentatively set a meeting for that purpose, but then recanted, explaining in a note that it made no sense to show it if no offer could be made at the same time.

Was her belated cancellation and then the photo request, tricks?

"If you're serious about buying you cut to the chase, you don't add needless steps to the process," Jake mused.

Expect tricks, gambits, low-ball offers, and delays. Like battles, few negotiations turn out exactly as planned.

As for Best Practices in Negotiation, you can count on this rule of thumb: "If you think it is a trick or a ploy, you're probably right!"

Jack did sell his kayak to the second couple, after establishing this ground rule to lend seriousness to the process: "When you come to see it, bring cash, and a truck!"

They brought the cash.

"Good enough!" Jack smiled.

By : Dr._Gary_S._Goodman

Negotiation - Why You Will Be Lost Without This Skill

The ability to negotiate anything in life can dramatically increase the value you receive for that price you pay. There are some people that love negotiating, while there are plenty of others that is negotiated. Either way, negotiating is the key skill that you want to work on developing in your life.

I once had a friend who really enjoys playing guitars. There was a certain kind of guitar he wanted, I think it was a Les Paul something addition. He knew exactly what it was and what it was worth.

My friend had been saving money for a long while because he wanted to purchase this particular guitar. He looked online and local music stores trying to find the best deal before you purchased the guitar.

I was fortunate enough to be with him on the day he went to a local music store to purchase the guitar he wanted. The music store had about two or three different of these guitars he was looking at. He noticed on one of the guitars that some of the wood had a few scuffed marks on it. This guitar normally went for around $2000.

He had done enough research to know the music store probably paid around $1000 to $1200 for the guitar. The guitar was already marked down to $1750. He went to the salesman and told him he was interested in purchasing the guitar. The negotiations then began.

My friend immediately pointed out the scuffed marks on the wood of the guitar. He knew that this was going to be his leverage point in getting a better price on the guitar. He immediately offered $1300 cash for his walk out the door price.

The salesman had to go check with his boss, the owner of the store, if they could do this deal. The salesman came back and told my friend that he was sorry, but he could not take such a low offer.

For the next hour, my friend kept negotiating with this gentleman, who had to keep going back and forth to his boss in order to ask about the deal my friend was offering. It really became interesting when my friend got to $1450 cash. He offered $1450 cash, as the walk out the door price. The salesman came back and said he could not take $1450.

By this time, my friend decided to try a different strategy in negotiation. He then started to lower his price. So, his next offer was $1440 and a free box of strings. The salesman didn't think twice and headed to ask his boss. He came back and regretfully said he could not take the offer. So my friend made another offer, $1430 and three boxes of strings.

The salesman when check with his boss once again and came back with a no. The next offer however was different. He offered $1420 and five boxes of strings. Oddly enough, the salesman came back and said okay you have a deal.

My friend and I looked at each other in pure amazement. The boxes of strings cost the music store a little bit of money. If you would average out the cost of the strings and the guitar, music store would have been better accepting the cash offer of 1450, much better actually.

The moral of the story is you must learn to negotiate. Humans are very interesting creatures and you never know when you'll get a yes. My friend surely did not think he was going to walk out of the store with a guitar that day. He ended up walking out of the store with a great deal all because he was willing to negotiate.

By : Darius_Maslow

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

What exactly is the mindset or a entrepreneur? An entrepreneur thinks about business and expanding all the time. There is nothing that they would not do in order for them to get to the next level, whatever that may be.

People like this are not just focused on money like most people may think, they are focused on power and sell fulfillment. Here are the 4 things that make the mindset of an entrepreneur different from that of an average person.

Think big and long term

Most average people don't think long term but they do think big. This is a recipe for disaster because thinking big requires that you think long term. What successful people understand is that building an empire doesn't happen overnight, you have to work at it, and perfect every aspect of the business. Just remember that thinking big and long term means you understand the work needed to be done.

24/7 advancing

What is 24/7 advancing? Well it is when you are thinking about what you can do to help advance your life or your business all day every day. For most people this would be an exhausting task, but for an entrepreneur it is part of what makes them who they are and gives them the ideas to move forward.

Micro gains

Everybody knows selling a cooking for.01 profit is a waste of time, right? Well not always, successful people understand the importance of a micro gain and how it will affect them down the line. People think that making a.01 profit is just a waste of time, but is it? Entrepreneurs know that a.01 profit is just the start, but they think about instead of pumping up the price to pump out more cookies which will bring in more profit.


When it comes to success you can't be 100% sure you will be successful, but you can make sure you are pretty close every time, right? Planning is the key to any success story, and those who don't plan fail more than 50% of the time. Did you know that 98% of all successful people have a day planner of some kind that they carry around?

The reason they carry around a day planner is because they know that in order to be successful they have to use every minute of every day wisely. It doesn't matter if you are planning for a big company or just planning out your day, it needs to be done and done right.

These are the 4 things that successful entrepreneurs have in common with each other and that most average people lack. If you would like to become an entrepreneur someday then check out these ideas to make money.

By : Adam_Snyder

Start An Online Business - Tips From The Book Crush It

In my last few articles I have been reviewing the book Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk. Although he primarily describes how he built his wine business, he also offers great principles that can be used in any niche. They are some of the same principles I learned when I started an online business.

Start An Online Business - Make the Decision to Go For it!

Vaynerchuk is known for asking people, "Are you happy with your job?" He says that if you are not just dying to get out of bed in the morning and go to work, you might consider doing something else. And I can admit that in the last years of my home remodeling business that is exactly how I felt.

I know a lot of people on my own email list want to do something else with their time and energy. But it can also be scary to decide to go for it. You might consider working at night to build your own business, going at it on a part-time basis until you build some momentum!

Start An Online Business - Go Viral

You might consider one idea for building an internet business that we are going to be implementing throughout the year: a little more social media. And a little more viral marketing. This can take a little bit of time to build up. But we are going to be giving out good content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, those kinds of things.

Again, this is something that takes a little time, especially if your company has strict rules about posting on social media sites while you are at work. I have even heard of some companies that discourage posting outside of work.

Start An Online Business - Build Your OWN Brand

A brand is what differentiates you from others in your niche. With Vaynerchuk, he knew he was not a good writer, so when blogs came along, he knew that was not for him. So he continued to wait.

When videos became popular, he saw the potential with videos. That is when he decided he would use videos to develop his brand: WineLibraryTV.

One brand that my wife and I have been working on is "The Couple Next Door." We want people to see us normal people who do everyday regular things, but we have just sort of fallen into some concepts that work online. And that is the truth. We are not internet marketing gurus or business hotshots. We like to share with people so that they can be successful.

One thing to remember as you are developing your brand is giving good content. Good content is essential, and one of the best ways to do that is through storytelling. Vaynerchuk is a great storyteller. And when you tell stories, people remember, and then they can associate whatever the content is with what you are trying to teach them.

There are still so many other elements to starting an internet business: building your list, choosing your platform, capitalizing on your strengths, etc. If you want to know how to start an online business, Vaynerchuk's book is a MUST read. It can offer you some useful insight.

By : Stephen_R._Beck

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Buyers Want a Shorter Buying Decision Cycle

Why do you think buyers take so long to decide? Do you really think they want to take that long?

Think of a decision you had to make with one of your teammates, or a family member.

What was the difference between what you wanted to happen, and the others wanted to have happen?

Where did you all end up vs where you began - and what was the journey between the two?

What did you end up knowing that you didn't start off knowing - and how long into your journey did it take you to figure that out? And how did it influence the final decision?

What choice criteria did you start off with? What did you end up with? What didn't you know at the beginning that ended up being vital for a good decision at the end? And who was it on the Buying Decision Team that discovered that missing piece - or was the group collaboration the instigation for expanded thinking?

What was the process you used to get between the beginning and end? How could you have done it quicker? What did you need to know or do differently at the beginning - or was there no way of knowing this until further along the decision cycle?

How did members of your family or colleagues (your Buying Decision Team) influence the decision - and how much of the decision cycle was spent in them figuring out what you probably knew to begin with? How many arguments or fights or discussions were there?

At what point in your decision making do you need all of the facts about the final solution possibilities (i.e. when thinking of moving, when do you need all of the data about the new house? When realizing you're overweight, when do you need all of the facts about the gym?

When thinking about buying a CRM system, when do you need all of the features and benefits) - and do they shift as you move through your buying decision journey??


In any of the above situations, wouldn't you rather have had a shorter decision cycle? Of course you would. But the time it takes to come up with your own answers is the length of the sales cycle. And we don't know all that we don't know when we begin the process.

The last thing buyers need is information about your solution. The first thing they need is help shortening the change management issues they have to contend with.

We can help buyers make their buying decision cycle shorter by being a GPS system for them to help them - without any bias - navigate through the route t0 internal buy-in.

Soooo do you want to enter at the end? or at the beginning?

The only decision that can be made in a very short time, with few internal change issues, are personal decisions that involve one person (you) and are cheap. Almost all decisions involve others - and all decisions are a change management problem.

How are you selling? How are buyers buying? And how are you getting involved at the beginning of their change management decisions - or are you sitting and waiting while they do this themselves?

By : Sharon_Drew_Morgen

5 Reasons Why You Should Send Holiday Cards

When it comes to the annual sending of Holiday Cards I've often wondered why the tradition that started in the 1800s has continued to this day.

With all of the phone calls, emails, texts, tweets, Facebook posts and social networking opportunities galore, you would think the sending of greeting cards would fast become a lost art. Instead, the personal connection holiday cards bring are more important than ever and here are several reasons why.

1) Personal Relationships.

You need to put a little extra effort into maintaining and growing your personal relationships. True, you may have followed up on your last meeting with a phone call but that has become expected. You need to work at strengthening relationships and holiday cards do just that.

By remembering someone with a thoughtful holiday greeting you are letting them know that they are special to you. Taking that bit of extra time to address and mail them a card lets them know they matter to you and to your business.

2) Loyalty.

It takes effort to build loyalty and even more to maintain it. Closing that first sale means a lot but you want that customer to keep coming back to you. You don't want them looking around, you just want them to trust that you are providing them with the very best in price, quality, service and product or service.

To insure that they think of you and only you, you must earn their trust and maintain their loyalty. Sending them thoughtful holiday cards will let them know that they are special to you. Even better, remember them with personal birthday cards, anniversary cards and thank you cards throughout the year to keep your name in front of them and retain their loyalty.

3) Hard copy.

It has been proven that people actually ignore more than half of the emails they receive daily. Unless they are looking for an email from you or you are offering something free or at a great discount that they actually want and need, emails are glanced at and deleted.

Custom imprinted holiday cards that come through the mail and are addressed to the receiver are always opened and enjoyed. During the holidays these cards are often displayed for all to see. What better way to get your name in front of those that matter.

4) Time Well Spent.

We've all used the excuse that I just don't have time to select, address and send holiday cards. I've often thought that myself. However, this once a year ritual is well worth the effort if you want to stay connected with friends, family, customer and business associates.

Take a moment now to go ahead and select a design with a thoughtful custom imprinted verse and your very own personalization. Round up your mailing list and use this opportunity to update your mailing addresses.

You can even enjoy remembering each addressee as you stuff their envelope with your unexpected surprise card. With just a little effort and time spent you will be rewarded with lasting partnerships and strengthen new connections.

5) Stay in Touch.

Don't just say "I'll be in touch", do it! By sending holiday cards you are being proactive and investing in your future. Professionally printed holiday cards or Christmas cards send a stylish and tasteful message that shows you cared enough to take the time to remember them.

Christmas Photo Cards are especially cherished by friends and family who may not have seen you or your family in a while. Customers will feel special, business associates will appreciate the gesture and friends and family will remember you fondly.

There really are no excuses for not sending holiday cards this year. Considering how tough it is to grow and maintain business, any advantage you can leverage is called for. Personalized holiday cards are a simple way to express thoughtfulness and appreciation to those you value in your business and personal life.

By : Linda_Cress_Dowdy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Should You Consider Brochure Printing?

Are you new in business, recently relocated, or just opened a new branch? Perhaps your most pressing problem today is how to promote your business. You can always use the marketing strategies you've used before or those your friends tell you are effective.

But what worked before may no longer work today, or what worked for your friends may not be applicable to you. So, the best you can do is to find out the best approach to marketing your new business.

With the number of marketing avenues available today, you have lots of options to choose from. Among the best avenue you can use is custom brochure printing. Brochures are actually effective means of enhancing your visibility within your target area. It is the perfect way to launch your brand-building and awareness campaign.

You have a choice between a single or booklet brochure, whichever you think will best promote your business and which meets your budget. A single brochure is cheaper as you only need to print a single page paper, whereas a booklet brochure contains several pages.

Compared to other marketing mediums such as TV, radio, and web advertisements, a brochure campaign offers a more personal and clear-cut means of addressing the needs of target customers. If you are still unconvinced of the advantages of brochure printing, here are some of its key benefits:

• Fast result. Brochures are easy and quick to create. Within 2-4 days you can have a professional brochure if you had it printed through a professional printer or a day if you print it yourself. This allows you for quick distribution to your target market, which in turn increases the chance of getting more customers walking into your store.

• Good market visibility. Distributing brochures let people feel your presence in the market. They will be enticed to keep your brochure for future reference or recommend your brochure to their friends who need your products or services. This would greatly encourage people to walk into your store.

• Highly affordable. Contrary to popular belief, brochures are affordable. There many ways you can do to reduce your expenses. One way is by using a single brochure instead of a booklet brochure. You can also use four-color instead of full color brochures. You can also look for printing companies that offer affordable pricing schemes. Ask about their discounts in bulk printing and other promos. This will greatly help you lower down your expenses.

• Customized option. Your brochure design can be tailored to the impression you want your business to convey. From the texts to the images and colors, everything can be done according to your specifications. For instance, if you want to use the guerrilla campaign, you can use thought-provoking words and images in your brochure or use simple images if your purpose is to create a professional image to your customers.

Compared to other marketing materials, brochures offer business owners an easy way of getting a fair share in market audience. Whether you are new in the locality or have been in the business long, brochure printing will effectively help you in your marketing campaign. If done right, you can achieve a quick and successful growth in your sales and profit in no time. So, why not start your own brochure campaign today.

By : Charen_Smith

6 Tips For Writing Winning Classified Ads

Are you currently running classified ads with little to no response? If so then you may benefit from the advice given in this article. Inside of this article, you will learn some unique ways to have classified advertising success - even if you're currently running them ineffectively. If you want to stay profitable in business, then you will want to follow the advice given in this article. Here's tip number 1.

1) Write short ads

Classified ads in and of themselves are short but some publications allows you to lengthen the amount of characters in the given advertising space. No matter what the publications say, you will want to stick with short ads. You may want to stick with a 2 or 3 word headline, a body copy of about 50 characters, and a closing that links back to your website or your 1-800 number. You want to stick with everything short so that you can entice your reader enough to take further action. Here's another tip.

2) Don't try to close the sale

Your classified ad should be geared towards generating a free lead, not closing the sale. The fact is, there's simply not enough space to close someone on buying your product - this why you want to lead them to your website or have them call for more information. This is the best way to go about marketing your products and services. Here's another tip for classified advertising success.

3) Use trigger words

Trigger words or key words are words that paint a vivid mental image in your prospect's mind. Some good examples of trigger words are "secrets", "free", "amazing", or even "discover". All of these words make a reader want to learn more and are excellent for captivating a person's imagination.

4) Sound different

You never want to sound like your competitors when advertising your products and services. Be different whenever you can. One thing you will want to be sure to avoid is using industry jargon. These are words that your prospect don't understand and that only your competitors know about. When writing your classified ad, don't write for your competition, write for your prospects.

5) Give something for free

This is the only logical thing that you can do in the space of a classified ad. As mentioned above, never try to sell someone in the tiny space of a classified. Your best bet is to follow the 2-step method of generating a lead and following up on them with more information. The 2-step method will prove to be more effective for you.

6) Have strong body copy

In the body copy of your ad, you want to do whatever you can to increase the perception of the value of your product. Use your body copy to further explain what the user will get from doing business with you. You main goal is to point out exactly what's in it for your prospects - so keep this in mind as you write your ad.

All in all, these 6 tips for writing winning classified ads will be effective if you follow them exactly.

Good luck with your classified advertising campaign.

By : Adrian_Hargray

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Importance of Having Vision for Your Business

By looking at statistics, you can tell that only 10% of the small business created today will make it to success. This is a very trivial figure. Although it does not have to be this way, running a tiny business can prove to be quite tricky. The problem more often than not does not lie with anything or anyone else but you.

There is no point in pointing a finger at the current economy. There is no point in blaming the big corporate business either. The good news is however that this is not something that cannot be fixed. You are the one to fix it.

Once small business owners get fixated on their vision, they have already gone wrong. They have a vision of exactly how they want the business to look and feel and they expect that everybody will have no choice but to jump into it as well.

They then decide to sculpt their ads, banners and sites according to this vision that they expect to be followed by everybody. In the end, they end up going out of business.

The real reason that they end up going out of business is that nobody cares even a little bit about their vision. By being such stubborn micro managers who refuse to see nothing else but their vision, those that they expect to bring in the profits for them become alienated.

Any prospective customer out there wants to buy something from your business because they believe that it will benefit their life somehow. They do not care about where your vision is headed or what it is.

If you think that you love your business vision so much, then you must know that your clients love themselves much more than your vision. If you ignore this fact then you will simply disconnect them from you and your business.

Crafting your collateral marketing therefore calls for putting the customer at the top of a pedestal and not your vision.

By : Andrew_M._Miller

Using an Innovation Strategy to Attract Top Employees and Contractors

Developing an innovation strategy in your business provides a variety of benefits. As your business grows and becomes known as an innovator in its marketplace, many people will notice. News articles and word-of-mouth advertising builds your reputation as an innovative company, which attracts new customers as well as potential employees and contractors.

Many people want to work in a creative and innovative environment. These people often perceive less innovative companies as "boring" or "old fashioned".

When you position yourself as an innovative company, employees and contractors will seek positions with your company. This puts you in a strong position by attracting a large group of potential employees and contractors when your company has an open position.

I have known many top employees who were considering several new job opportunities. In addition to the actual job responsibilities, these people looked very closely at the company's culture, which included the innovation culture and the creative work environment. In this situation, innovative companies had the edge in hiring these top candidates.

Also, I know many people who accepted jobs at innovative companies, even though the salary for the position was less than other companies with similar positions. When people enjoy their work and enjoy the working environment, they are likely to be more productive, happier and less likely to leave the company.

Consider taking steps to position your business as an innovator and begin experiencing the benefits of your innovative activities. Developing an innovation culture is beneficial throughout the business, not just in the area of hiring and retaining employees.

By : Steve_Sponseller

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Is the Essence and Emotion of Your Business?

Many people try to accomplish their goals by talking action. Taking action without the proper mindset or mental preparation is often minimally effective as well as unpleasant. The time and effort you put into deliberately directing your thoughts will greatly improve your effectiveness in achieving your goals, as well as your joy in the journey.

The most effective way to replace a thought that is not serving you is to deliberately choose a thought that feels better. One effective tool is the Abraham-Hicks process "Wouldn't if be nice if..." Examples: When you can't think of a solution-wouldn't it be nice if ideas came to me easily? When you are feeling anxious-wouldn't it be nice if everything worked out just fine?

When you're feeling lonely-wouldn't it be nice if I made a new friend today? This lets you realize that you do have the option to choose a different thought. There are other possibilities out there besides what you have been predominantly thinking. "Wouldn't if be nice if" increases your positive expectations and raises your vibration.

Ultimately, everything we think we want is not because we want the object or experience itself, but because we want a particular feeling that we think the object or experience will give us. For instance, if I asked you why you do the job you do, you will probably tell me it's because you want to make money. But you can make money in lots of ways-why did you choose this particular profession?

What is the essence of what you want to accomplish with your work? Do you want to help people relieve stress and feel more content? Do you want to help women feel important and pampered? Do you want to show people ways to beautify their surroundings? Do you want to inspire others to their greatness?

Once you have identified the essence or mission of what you do, identify the primary emotion you feel when you carry out your mission. Do you feel delighted, or fulfilled, or connected? Maybe you feel creative, or playful, or empowered. Perhaps you feel expansive or appreciative or hopeful.

This is so crucial: the essence and the feeling behind your business is where your focus should be. This is really the only thing that matters. If your focus is there then your actions will be in alignment with achieving this mission and this feeling, and the money will come because you are acting in accordance with your mission and you are deliberately doing things that feel the way you feel when you pursue the essence of your business.

Let's say the essence of your business is to help people feel less stress and more content, and the feeling you get when you accomplish that is appreciation that you were able to provide that relief for them. What can you do today that always makes you feel appreciation? You can take a walk and focus on how much you appreciate your beautiful surroundings.

You can go to the grocery store and appreciate the bountiful selection that is so easily available to you and all the people who had a hand in bringing it there. You can call a friend and tell her how much you appreciate her friendship. Then ask yourself, "What can I do today to help someone feel less stress or more content?" and do that.

This may have nothing to do directly with your business-or it may. The important thing is that you are true to your mission in whatever form that takes today, and that you do something today the elicits the feeling you identified as the primary one you feel when you accomplish your mission.

When you have identified the one thing that is the essence of your business, plus the one primary feeling you get from carrying out that mission, and you deliberately focus there each day, you will become like a lighthouse that is a beacon for those who resonate with that message. Your business process will revolve around the essence and the feeling.

What are all the ways you can accomplish the essence of helping people feel less stress and more content? If you are considering a new product or new process, ask if it will help your clients feel less stress and more content. You are then being true to the essence of why you are doing your business.

The more clearly you can state the heartfelt mission of your business, the more easily everything in your business will flow. Discover the essence of why you have chosen your profession and the emotion you want to feel as you shine that light to others, live it every day, and you will experience success and satisfaction beyond your current experience.

By : Sara_Blumenfeld

Things To Ponder Before Deciding To Become A Solo Professional

Business is a very broad, serious and mind blowing topic. When you talk about it, you need to have a full understanding about economics and all of its basic theories. You need to adjust, make careful plans and decisions especially when your company is facing too many problems. If you are not prepared, then you will never succeed and win the battle in the business world.

There are many instances wherein an individual decides to go on solo after he has learned the basics and has already saved a large sum of money to open up his new business. Going solo is not a bad idea after all.

It will enable you to do things the way you want it to be unlike when you are in a group, you always have to worry about the decisions of others whether they will like your idea or not. In short, you never have to compromise your ideas when it comes to going solo.

When you decide to go solo, you have to take into consideration few important things. Firstly, you have to assess yourself whether you can already stand on your own. Remember that the business world entails a lot of challenges, rivalries or competitions, risking and gambling.

The top businessmen could not have achieved the zenith of success if it weren't for the hard work and the extra effort that they have shown the same as how the different tazer guns would not have been able to give you ultimate protection if it weren't for their fast immobilizing features. If you think you can handle everything by yourself, then go for it and make your own place in the business world.

Another thing that you should also consider is the things that you enjoy to do and what you would want to do. An individual only becomes successful if he does the things that give him pleasure and enjoyment.

It is hard to work when you do not love the career or when you do not love the line of business you are under with. So before going solo, ask yourself what are those things that makes you happy, those things that interests you most and those things which best fit your talents and expertise.

Being self employed simply means that you have to exert effort and that you have to rely on your own abilities for you to win the attention of prospective clients. That is why it is all the more important that you assess your interests that way you will not have much problem with regards to introducing products or services to your clients.

You need to be confident since you will stand on your own similar to when you are using the pepper spray gun as your self defense tool wherein you have to remain confident for you to shoot the right aim. You need to be determined most especially when you are just beginning with your new project as a solo business professional.

Lastly, in becoming a great solo professional, you must accept failures, rejections and learn to adjust. No one reaches success if he does not learn to accept downfalls. The downfalls will serve as your inspiration to continue on making innovations, it will serve as a challenge and will also remind you to improve more and prove to them that you can do it on your own. Solo professionals should all be determined and should have one aim and that is to hit success.

By : Joseph_Pressley

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Iterate to Infinity

James P. Lewis-in his book Project Planning, Scheduling, & Control-states the need to control the costs associated with every project. This is to ensure that all of the resources available in the organization, be it human or financial resources, shall never be put to waste but truly maximized.

However, it's never really enough that you only get to plan and execute all of the tasks associated with it. You should also learn to control and avoid wastage or any dire consequences that can come up along the way. You also have to perform a review at your own plan.

The Idea of a True Business Plan

A lot of inefficient business persons believe that their job ends once they have produced a workable plan and executed the jobs with finesse. They have completely forgotten to actually conduct a review even before they're going to perform these tasks.

Keep in mind that when you're going to speak about plans, you're actually setting your eyes, heart, and mind on the results. Thus, if you're going to create a very poor plan, you can also expect reaping poor outcomes.

There are many benefits when it comes to plan review:

1. You can identify your priorities effectively. Though your plan is mainly based on a general objective or mission, there are still subtasks that you have to accomplish to ensure that you can fulfill the main goal. These jobs, nevertheless, should be properly prioritized.

Of course, you can't expect to do the multiple jobs all at the same time. Moreover, during the review, you can also at least initially determine some tasks that you can do without, saving you considerable amount of time, effort, and resources.

2. You have basis for your measure. If you like to know if you're definitely making excellent or poor progress in your business, you must be able to compare your plan with the actual results. This will just be accomplished if you can scan through your previous business plan.

Definitely, if you see great variances, you may need to take the necessary precautions. A good example is perhaps strengthening your advertising activities if you have been performing on the average or poorly in the sales department.

3. You can discuss your plans with others more efficiently. There are many members in an organization. You're not only going to deal with your subordinates but also your business partners and investors. Before you can actually ask for approval for any of your proposal or before you can implement some changes, you have to ensure that you have clear-cut bases for your actions.

Presenting an old plan alone may not be a good idea as it really signify the kind of change you want to employ. Thus, double-checking your plan for any loophole will provide you with the things that you need to compel someone or a group of people to take action, perhaps accepting your proposal for a budget or implementing new policies in the organization.

4. You can better establish the relationships among figures. Don't expect everyone to fully understand the figures that they see in their financial documents. In fact, you shouldn't be overly confident that you can simply get away with them without even explaining.

A review can help you identify the leading causes for the sudden drop in sales, the increase in your traveling and marketing expenses, or perhaps the amount of funds you have allotted for your investment.

The Ways to Review Your Plan

There are many ways on how you can review your plan. Here are some of them:

1. Establish how many times you're going to check your plan. If you're basically a very small business, you can always settle for daily, weekly, or even monthly evaluation. This is essential as you're practically trying to grow your business.

If you have already found some pattern, you may move to quarterly and yearly. However, if jobs at hand are really pressing and crucial, you need to double-check your plan as often as possible. After all, you can't afford any room for mistake at this point.

2. Be as informative as possible with your planning review. If you have been doing planning with the team, ensure that all members shall be informed of the schedule for the review. This way, they will be able to include this in their list of priorities.

Mobile Devices in Planning Review

There are already several computing devices that you can make use when you're going to review your plans. Usually, what is being utilized are PCs that are set up in a network, so it will be very convenient for everyone to share important documents that are vital during the planning review session.

Nevertheless, being on the road doesn't mean you can no longer participate in the planning review. There are still handheld devices that you can utilize, such as PDAs, laptops, smart phones, as well as mobile phones that are capable of transmitting data to another phone or computer.

For example, the Tablet PC, a type of mobile device, is equipped with a handwriting tablet and software that can allow you to produce documents needed for the review.

If your company has an internal database where all important files are stored, you can request from the IT department to hook your mobile phone to it, perhaps through the World Wide Web.

Hence, if you're in a WiFi hotspot or you can browse directly through the Internet, all you need to do is to input security information, access all the files that you may want to analyze while you're on the trip, and send your own personal evaluation as attachment.

By : Hans_Hulm

How Business Development Consultants Position Companies For Growth

So you've got ambitions to grow your business to the next level, and your wondering where to go next. Before you start making decisions have you considered whether your business is ready for growth?

Ensuring your business is ready for an increase in business is just as important as having a way to generate that extra business, so that you achieve both the initial boost and sustainable long term momentum.

A Development Consultants Effectiveness

To effectively develop a business, the consultant should be looking at generating and sustaining growth.

When it comes to generating or stimulating growth it will be a marketing and sales led process that will start with positioning the business and ensuring the products and services are right for the market. Momentum will come from continued efforts in the areas of marketing and sales but to ensure that its sustainable the business must be able to to fulfil demand.

The return from any money spent in business development will be diminished if the business is unable to move beyond its initial growth spurt into a sustainable trajectory so its important to asses the organisations resources and infrastructure to determine if they can meet peek demands and avoid have supply being overtaken which may severely affect customer relationships.

The last thing you want to do is invest unwisely and in an untimely manner in additional staff or equipment that is either underutilised or never used so timing these investment can be crucial and there may be some inevitable upfront investments as well as further staged investments in-line with growth plans.

Assisting With Change And Adapting The Business

Ensuring sustainability will also require continued effort and development to meet new demands and changes in market trends.

As well as the needs of the business and primarily its customers, the needs and desires of the owners and investors in the business must also be considered which may include future decisions such as full or partial retirement, sale, flotation or merger.

Having plans that cater for both the short and log term goals as well as any back up plans, will be essential for dealing with unforeseen eventualities that may throw the business off track temporarily.

It may also be that because of changes or new developments things like staffing and company procedures may need reviewing in-line with policies and processes for getting thing done.

You should also give some thought and consideration to your target market and products and services so that you can continually evolve in-line with the market and create other avenues for expanding the business further.

The Business Growth Development Process

Developing the business should be a stepped process where each stage builds on the last.

Initially a review of the business is performed to determine where it is, its ability to cope with demand increases and potential hidden assets that can be quickly leveraged.

The first step is to position the business correctly and understand what makes its stand out.

Next we look at integrating this knowledge into existing marketing and sales processes.

Then comes the first part of systematising marketing and sales so that information can be captures, segmented and used for effective marketing and sales purposes.

These is broadened into other special relationships and partnerships.

Its further exploited with more custom marketing and advertising.

Later visibility in the local community is stimulated.

Then we come onto more direct marketing.

Finally stimulating word of mouth.

Put it all together and you have a very effective programme for creating and maintaining growth.

By : Nicholas_Windley

Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Team Building Activities for Adults - How to Develop

Teaching team building techniques to children is generally not very tough. The problem lies with adults. Activities designed for adults have to be innovative and result oriented. Some free team building activities for adults should be developed to make the whole exercise interesting and effective.

The first thing to do to build a team of adults is to involve every member in the formation of the activities, games and exercises required. You have to decide upon the activities you want the team to perform. The techniques here should give you some ideas about what you should do.

Warm Ups

1. Drawing Paper: This is a simple and quick game that takes about a minute. You require three sheets of drawing paper and color pencils or pens. Divide the people into three groups. Give a sheet to each group. One member of each team begins by drawing a line. The other members one by one, also draw something, within five seconds each, in continuation with the first line. This activity will give you an idea of the perceptions of the members regarding teamwork.

2. Joining Instructions: Make five or six teams. All the members of each team are required to join various parts of their bodies together. They could join four hands or four feet and two knees or six thumbs or anything else. This will be decided by the coordinator. The first team to finish will shout 'joined'. Points should be allotted and rewards could be organized.

Team Development Activities

1. All Aboard: This can be performed either indoors or outdoors. This is a great team building activity where you have two teams. All the members of a team will help one another to occupy a gradually diminishing space.

2. Multi Way Tug-of-War: Here different groups will be set against each other in a game of tug-of-war. This exercise not only builds strength but also develops communication skills and teaches strategy making tactics.

You can develop various other games and activities to build teams amongst adults. Only thing to be kept in mind is that the activities have to be of a nature that ill suit the particular group.

By : Takuya_Hikichi

Corporate Team Building - Activities, Ideas and Parties

In the corporate world, one of the most important aspects that every employee must understand is to work in a team. Most of us are able to work just fine when we are alone. However, team dynamics are different. In order to make employees understand the value of team work, and to break ice in between with some fun-filled corporate events.

This not only helps toward corporate team building, but it also helps the employees to know each other better on a personal level, which promotes mutual understanding and trust. It helps towards creating a good work culture. This enables them to work better with each other, and thus improved the overall productivity.

Team building events

You can hire some good event management organisations that specialise in organising various team building events. These companies organise excellent themed parties, which makes work a lot more fun. You can have the theme based on the nearest holiday.

These parties are great fun to attend, and are something that all your employees will definitely look forward to. The prices charged are extremely competent, and it will be an invaluable service that you would have gained for the company.

These companies may also organise all day-time events. They usually take the employees or ask them to reach a particular venue. Here, several fun team building exercises are organised. These exercises aim to teach the employees the importance of team work, and the basic dynamics that occur within a team.

Your employees will be able to learn how to respect each other's opinion, and how to swallow their own feelings. These companies also make a note of the employees who demonstrate leadership traits which can be submitted to your company's HR department to assist them in their succession and career planning exercises. The activities in themselves are extremely fun, and are very simple. The employees do not feel like they are working at all, yet they learn a lot.

Goal setting and employee engagement

Teams in an organisation often have to face several challenges together. They often have to work under stringent deadlines and also accomplish certain goals.. For this, they must first learn the basics of goal setting.

They must also understand the company's strategy and what the organisation expects from them in the face of a crisis. They will have to face many tough situations which will require the synergies of all the team members.

With various team building challenges, like obstacle courses and so on, the employees are able to learn all of this without having to sit through some dull lectures. It creates a lasting impact on their minds. Fun team building games like quizzes, etc are organised to teach the employees the value of communication.

With fun activity days such as these, your employees will feel more loyal towards the organisation as they establish a personal relationship within themselves. You can also take their suggestions for great team building ideas.

By : Brad Marc

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7 Ways to Say Something Difficult

Got something difficult to say? Not sure how to broach the subject? Whether you are trying to tell someone something on a one-to-one basis, or you are speaking to a group, finding ways to get ideas and concepts across to your audience, particularly if they are difficult to say or potentially hard to understand, can be a challenge.

Here are some thoughts on ways to explain something difficult. You could:

1. Use a metaphor. A metaphor is a comparison between two objects or ideas. Metaphors can be really useful when you need to convey an idea that may be difficult to grasp or you want to discuss something without approaching it directly. A good example might be Shakespeare's "As You Like It" where he compares the world to a stage and its human inhabitants players entering and exiting upon that stage. Reality TV shows often refer to the contestants "journey" through the competition.

2. Tell a story. Stories have been used by civilisations for years to convey ideas, thoughts, histories and values in words, images and sounds. Stories have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and in order to instill moral values. Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plot, characters and narrative point of view. Good examples might be fairy stories or the bible. Stories are much beloved of trainers and teachers to convey ideas and concepts that are otherwise difficult to get across.

3. Draw a diagram. They say that a picture can tell a thousand words, and certainly they can be very valuable when you are trying to portray a complex concept or idea. Diagrams are particularly helpful when ideas are technical or you need to show a process flow or connections between ideas. Or if you have complex data to show, show a graph not the basic numbers and keep it simple!

4. Find the right opening. Whether you are talking to one individual or a crowd, finding the right opening can be essential to get people on your side. Need to be persuasive? The a cooperative opening might be what you need. A few examples might be:
• "Let's see if we can..."
• "Why don't we try this a different way..."
• "Have you got any ideas on..."
• "What would you like to do about this..."

5. Say what you think. Difficult conversations can sometimes be when you have to discipline someone or ask them to change the way in which they behave. In these cases, it is a good idea to start with "I". In these cases you are taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and inviting the other person to consider their own thoughts and position. Examples are:
• "I think..."
• "I would prefer..."
• "I cannot..."
• "I feel..."
• "I want..."

6. Empathising with the other person. Empathising with someone can put you in a stronger position when you have to say something unpleasant or unpalatable. Combine with the "I" word it can be a powerful opening. Examples might include:
• "I understand that this may not be very important to you but..."
• "You may be too busy now, but..."
• "I appreciate that this is difficult for you..."
• "I can see that you seem worried...

7. Learn to say "No". We all have difficultly saying No sometimes so having a few ideas up our sleeves can be very useful. There are in fact, lots of different ways to say "No" without having to use the word. For example: "I am not the right person to deal with this..." or "Now is not the right time for me..." or "Please come back to me when you have the answer."

By : Berry_Winter

Top 10 Tips To Recession Proof Your Business

Things for some people are bad right now. Some cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. The worst part of this, is that the government suspect the economy is about to enter a double dip recession. If that happens, there will be a dramatic effect on not only banks and large corporations, but small business and profits as well.

No matter what happens, panicking about this is simply counter productive. It is best off to be prepared in case another economic storms rolls in. That way, if catastrophe strikes you will be prepared. If nothing happens you have also lost nothing.

Here are the top 10 ways to insure you business is protected against a double dip recession:-

1) Increase the advertising of your business. Normally ad agencies become highly competitive. They have to lower their costs for clients. Take advantage of this to increase your customers and profits. Sometimes you can double your advertising and the costs remain the same. So your profits are the same, and having double exposure will increase the chances of you name getting out there.

2) Increase your cash flow by using your client base. Use 2 for 1 deals, 50% off deals, limited offers, bundled packages. Too many businesses do not realize the money is in the list of clients they already have. Go to your top 20 clients on your database and offer them something they cannot refuse.

3) Make sure you are in constant communication with your accountant. This will ensure you are not going in above your head. Know and manage your budgets and talk to them about your limits, your risks, your advantages and disadvantage.

4) Cut back on unnecessary items in your office. Do you really need that water cooler, fancy photocopier, furniture collecting dust, laptops, stationary. Always buy what you need, and stick to your budget. Many companies that buy things they don't need are just wasting money. You would be surprised at just how much these things add up to each year. If you don't need it, don't buy it. Cost saving is the goal here.

5) Create a better marketing plan. Simple things can save your money and also make you lots more. Sit down once a week and work out strategies on what you do well, what you don't do so well, and how you can perform better. Make these meeting fun, and energetic, and include all your direct employees. You will be surprised at some of the ideas you will get from these brainstorming sessions.

6) Study trends during past recessions and find out what areas of your business did well. Then focus more on pushing these areas when you advertise. When the economic dwindles, people have less money. Most smart businesses add value and keep their prices the same. That way they get more of the market share, more clients and their profits increase, whilst their competitors suffer.

7) If you do feel that customers are not committing to your products, lower your prices. This can hurt a little, but remember you still have profit targets, bills to pay, and employees to look after.

8) Network with others. Sometimes leverage is the most powerful vehicle in the business world. Lots of business is done by word of mouth now days. Find local meetings and network conventions to meet and greet others. Some of the biggest and most powerful business alliances have been formed from these events. Networking with others in your area, and business is a great way to take your business to the next level.

9) Test and measure your results. When things slow down, your results and business will change. What yo need to do is test and measure results. Test to see what is working and what is not working. Then it is simply a matter of doing more of what is working and doing less of what is not.

10) Never give up. There are far too many business owners that simply thrown up their hands and give up. That sort of approach to business never wins. If things get tough find a guru in your field and even pay them to help you improve your situation. They have the experience and have already experienced the highs and lows and even all sorts of economic climates as well. Their advice can sometimes be priceless.

By : Jon_Safer

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Was Told a Secret, to Do Something for Myself!

What If, someone told you a secret?

Somebody came to me when I was 'down', and that somebody also told me the 'secret to a balanced way to live! So, on your side, what if somebody taught you how to make money, through what you are good at; without sacrificing too much of your social life and time?

ME? I can? How?

I am fighting cancer, which meant that the health section of any job application form is going to have 'the black mark' for me! In fact, almost all private sectors in a cost sensitive economy WILL not employ a worker like me with a medical bill in sight!

So, he told me that the truth hurts, but ironically, I excel at another form of work. He told me that I needed to have an open mind and start small, before growing to bigger sizes.

I asked; "me? I still have a future to create?"

Invest, in yourself

He told me that the road to success is blurred, but I must have a clear vision before even making decisions to go!

I attended free seminars, and frowned, as I felt that my mind was triggering me to do something about the current state I was in. Then, I made a decision with a clear vision, I will 'take a sneak preview at Public Speaking training sessions!"

I felt the skill in this training was not some specific job skill, but a skill that was essential in life itself! I was pondering over the odds, weighing the pros and cons of making such a purchase decision. Then, the big question 'popped up', from the Speaker.

1. Paying, registering and reserving a spot to be trained in Public Speaking now is around 1,500 dollars
2. Whereas, payment for registration after 'this date' will be a non discounted cost of 3,000 dollars.

I sunk in my chair for a little while, when some people in the audience began to ask questions related to the course, and the mode of payment. I knew that this is it, I had to do it, after all, the fact is 'value for money', cost only made me understand the quality of the product!

You are coming too?

This must have got many readers thinking, as this the most important part, this is an investment in education for you!

By : Stanley_Lai

A Web Services Developer and the Benefits of Hiring an IT Recruitment Agency

The need of a web services developer is growing with the growth in the industry and finding the right developer is often a challenging task. Organizations today prefer to hire IT recruitment agencies to help in recruiting these professionals as they can help to find the right developers in a timely manner.

The web services developer provided by the IT recruitment agency suits the requirement of the organization and the agency ensures the developer recruited matches the requirement of the organization.

The agency can provide an organization with the choice of hiring a web services developer on a contract basis as well as on a permanent basis. These developers can help organization to face the competition in the business world, exchange information and provide efficient communication which is most important at organizations.

With the growth in the IT industry; the need for a web services developer has increased as they can help to provide more efficient services and can help to provide exchange various information which is selectively visible and can prove beneficial to the organization.

These services can ensure the organization can communicate with the employees and can access a particular data with restrictions. These developers can provide security to organizations by protecting data which is vital for any organization.

The revolution of the computerizing services has increased the demands for these professionals and more and more organizations require customized services which can meet the specific needs of the organization.

These services include a number of software and applications which can suit the specific requirements of the organization and can help the organization to achieve growth and success.

The IT recruitment agency can provide a web services developer who can provide interactive solutions to various business to business communications and can provide the ability to link up with various solutions and applications.

These systems possess the ability to link up with various other systems and can grant permissions to systems which include the internet and other systems on the network which can work like an intranet.

By : Rostyslav_Dumych