Sunday, July 18, 2010

6 Steps to Turn Your Site Into a Lead Machine

Every web site has the ability to be the NBT (next big thing). But what stops them? Here are the 6 steps every web site needs to be a Lead Machine.

Lead Machine

It only takes a few simple steps to turn your web site into a machine that will fill up your pipeline with leads. Grab their attention, direct their attention, get feedback, track them, and optimize the follow-up and market. Follow these steps:


First you have to get their attention with what you have to offer. Make it exciting with great copy and graphics that compel them. Your professionalism will let your visitor see how much better off they will be with your product or service.

Think of the billboard as you drive down the highway. At 70 miles per hour, how long does that message have to grab your attention and give you cause to take action? Your landing page is the same way. Do this as soon as possible on the entry.


Remember you will have to tell your visitor what to do next. If you have done a great job establishing your professionalism you will have created the impression of authority. Use this authority and have your visitor follow your advice. Tell your audience to buy your product or use your service. Show confidence that they will take the next step and they will.


Use your information request forms to educate yourself what you need to do to move this customer to take action. Find out what their pain is or what their "why" to coming to your site. Use tracking tools to see where the lead originated from. Knowing which search engine and which keyword phrases brought them to you will help you define your message going forward.


Your database is your goldmine. The information you gather needs to be placed in a database that is easy you to use. If you don't have a database that allows you to search, schedule, or track get one today.


Follow up your potential clients; use this database to schedule events and putting timely marketing materials in front of them. Using a newsletter will keep them interested. When the pain or the "why" reaches the fever to act, be in front of them ready to supply what they want.


Use every medium that you can afford to draw people to your site. Most people think of paid traffic such as search engines, advertisements, TV, radio and magazines. But remember word of mouth is the most effective on a cost per lead basis.

Talk your site up; put your web site in front of everyone. Never let a conversation happen without mentioning you site. No one has more passion for your site than you do.

By : Becky_Shipman

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