Friday, October 15, 2010

Team Work Is the Key

Not having a strong team will jeopardize the success and growth of a company. Putting together a successful team is key; selection, management and leadership are crucial. These three points will lead the growth of a company.

A good team believes and follows its values, its mission and its vision and incorporates them into the business plan supporting the company and accelerating its growth. A team should be able to manage three very important roles: leadership, operations and execution.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Team:

Each and every member of a team should be capable of following duties and responsibilities. Everyone has to be clear in this concept:

* Manage their operations and the resources allocated to them.
* Recruit and retain great employees.
* Effective communication so that everyone, in their department, understands what the company stands for, its values, mission, vision, business plan and how their jobs relate to the success of the company as well as the results expected of them.
* Manage the implementation of the company's business plan. Each leader should be a role model for innovation, teamwork and problem solving.
* Coach and help other team members succeed.

Team Evolution:

For a company to grow, leaders must focus on strategic planning. Only effective teams can focus on strategic planning and run a company. Improvement should happen on a daily basis. Each team member must operate as a team and as leaders of growth. A well-integrated team will help create new and better perspectives as the company grows.

Building a Winning Team:

Building a winning team starts with promoting and hiring the right people. During the recruitment process, make sure candidates are scrutinized and are trustworthy. Hire candidates that can handle new duties that are delegated to them, and who will follow through in a timely manner. Select people who use good judgment, who treat other with respect and that exceed performance expectations.

Teams are the central axis of a great company. Challenges in building and aligning different personalities towards a common goal, is the key for the development of a company. Those who master the development and leadership of team building are the ones that will succeed and sustain a company's growth.

Practice what you preach, guide and lead your team in good and challenging times, recruit properly, promote wisely, coach and train your team. Success is in your hands your company depends on you and your team.

By : Joaquin_Duenas

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