Thursday, October 7, 2010

Six Simple Tips for Better Business Teamwork

Teams that understand teamwork and know how to work together will be able to produce professional results and reach their goals. However, there are many business teamwork situations that do not work out smoothly. A business team should be one that is focused, with plenty of energy.

To begin the process of improving business teamwork around your work place, you will need to start evaluating your business team. First, a business team will need to know what their specific team purpose will be.

There will be different types of teams for reaching different goals in many cases, so this needs to be established first. Knowing the purpose of the team will allow for better performance measurements and will help determine if the purpose of the team is worth the investment it will take.

Secondly, you will want to establish the team's plan for achieving their purpose. The most successful teams take the time to plan out what their specific goals are and how these goals will be reached. There may be times when plans must change, and teams need to be ready for these changes.

Thirdly, once a plan has been established, the team will want to make a list of all the resources it will need to make their plan come to fruition. Teams without resources because of improper planning will not be able to reach their goals. The best teams know what they will need and will make sure to have access to those materials.

The fourth tip you will want to follow is figuring out what will be expected of each individual on the team. Business teams are often composed of individuals that specialize in different areas. Every team member must understand their role and also understand that if they do not do their part, there may not be someone else to do it for them.

The fifth tip is knowing how the team will make decisions. There will be a myriad of decisions to make and the team will have to work together to make these decisions.

Last, but not least, you need to know how each member feels about being part of the team. It is best to have team members who are excited to be a part of a team. Energy and motivation count for a lot in business teamwork.

By : Tony_Jacowski

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