Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Building Team Trust - Activities That Build Team Cohesiveness

Successful teams build trust while understanding and accepting team members and their work ethics. When team members open up and cooperate, they slowly build a routine and system of trust and expectations. This process is enhanced through social activities, defined goals, and experience.

Through social events: Social activities, such as dinner parties or sports, help teammates collaborate outside the work environment. Team activities such as paintball, bowling, or capture the flag also instill team spirit and encourage loyalty. Interacting in less stressful atmospheres allow them to express their personalities and feel comfortable around each other.

When team members are enthusiastic about being a part of the group, they are likely to put in more effort and work harder, earning the respect and trust of coworkers. A common enthusiasm amongst team members will increase efficiency and morale in a healthy manner.

Celebrating the strengths of team members: Celebrating the strengths and skills of individual team members and rewarding overall teamwork will build respect for each other and for the team. It is also informative for team members to understand each others' expertise so expectations are not kept too low or too high.

Promoting fairness: Defined goals which are communicated uniformly to the team will help build trust. If there is more interaction between superiors and one person of the team (unless a team leader), the team will feel unfairly represented and respected. Contact with superiors (which aren't personal in nature) and rewards should be a team experience, not individual.

Team goals and ideas should be expressed so that everybody understands and feels comfortable with the expectations. An expectation of work quality, if possible, should also be included, so that teammates can expect a certain standard of performance from each other. Granted, team trust cannot be built overnight.

Trust is built over time, as the team mates learn each others' capabilities, habits, and work quality. However, open-mindedness, acceptance, and enthusiasm from social interactions and shared goals will help speed up the process.

By : Takuya_Hikichi

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