Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 Leadership Tips to Help Your Team Ride the Wave of Success

When you are a leader, you are as good as your team is. Your success lies in the success of your team and that's the reason why you have to constantly implement methods that can help your team maximize their potential. The following are some lessons from leadership coaching experts on how you can achieve this.

Vibrant Energy

Your team needs to begin each day with a lot of positive energy. They should be enthusiastic about coming to work and look with anticipation at the tasks that will be assigned to them. Other things that you should help them develop are a cheerful disposition and a positive attitude about work.

Result-Oriented Approach

You must also help your team focus on the tasks that they have been assigned with, helping them to work at achieving results. The best teams are those that are personally accountable. This is an attitude that helps generate better results because there is no time wasted in the blame game and people are thinking more about what they can do to improve their productivity. Leadership coaching lays a lot of emphasis on the result-oriented approach of doing things.

Knowing Core Values

Every organization has a few core values that identify it. You need to inspire your team members with these core values. The rule of three always works. Divide everything, even your company's core values, into groups of three self-defining words and make a slogan out of them. Your team members will then remember these core values and will understand what they stand for.

Taking the Initiative

Encourage your team to take the initiative always, even if it is for something like voicing a suggestion on a particular organizational strategy. Then identify the people who can take initiative and play on their strengths by assigning them tasks that they can accomplish well. This will help to consolidate the potentiality of the whole team.

Open to Discussion

Leadership coaching always speaks favorably about group discussions, workshops, seminars and interactive sessions where different people of a team or even different teams can come together and discuss things and arrive at solutions.

By : Mike_Krutza

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