Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Characteristics of Great Teamwork

Teamwork can be very specific in nature. When assignments are given, team members will know exactly what is expected of them and these members will be specialized in specific areas and able to perform the tasks. There are certain characteristics that must be present in order for teamwork to be successful.

The most important characteristic of good teamwork is foundation. Knowing the position of everyone on the team can help co-workers better understand each individual role within the team. It also enables each member to perform work in the areas in which he or she is the strongest. This way, assignments may be completed on time and without problems.

Respect is another very important characteristic of teamwork. Though all members of a team won't necessarily like one another, they must respect each other. Professional respect is just as important as personal respect and both can help a team perform more smoothly. If each member of a team respects the positions of all other members, the projects that are being completed will reflect the work being done.

Communication is another vital aspect of teamwork. This characteristic is often absent in many situations and this is where problems often arise. Each team member should not hesitate to speak up when an issue occurs.

Likewise, each member should listen to what everyone else has to say since all of the people working together will have varying view points they wish to express. Everyone can learn something through the process, and the different points may be just what is needed to find a solution to the problem.

It is also important to treat each member of a team as if his or her opinion matters. Communication goes both ways. Everyone should speak up, but listening should also be involved. Communication is all about providing information and assessing and assimilating what others have to say.

This is how important decisions are reached. If everyone can come together in a way that is positive, the various members of teams will experience the essence of what teamwork truly is which will translate into the overall success of a business.

By : Tony_Jacowski

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