Thursday, October 21, 2010

Team Building Corporate Events

Corporate events take more forms than a simple day out at the races. Using them to build the sense of unity in a sales team, an office unit or just for all your employees, is a great way to mix business with pleasure - and get outstanding results at the end of it all.

The opportunities for creating, displaying and using untapped skills in the workplace often manifest themselves first in the corporate events environment: which is why using an agent to source the best of the best can rally pay off for a company.

Going direct to a single events supplier is usually a bad idea - simply because that supplier is going to do its utmost to convince you that it is right for the job, whether it really is or not. Using an agent, which cannot afford to be associated with anything other than the best, guarantees you a much greater chance of finding corporate activities and entertainment that really fit the bill.

Plus, with an agent you're looking at a much wider variety of corporate events in terms of type: from sporting days and team building loopiness all the way through to five star treatment at a VIP sports dinner, a film premiere or a gala performance.

The thing about agents is this: they have their fingers in all the pies, and they make sure that the pies they keep their fingers in are the tastiest ones on the market. So a company can go to a corporate entertainment and events agency with an idea of what it wants, and have the perfect bespoke package put together from a wide range of sources, contacts and locations.

Try the same thing direct with a single hospitality company and you'll get shoe horned into whatever they happen to have on their books at the time.

Corporate events take all sorts of forms and have all sorts of ways of building a team spirit. A good old fashioned drinking session in a swanky environment is as good a way of building team feelings as a five a side tournament or corporate golf day - it all depends on the reason for the event and the personalities of the people going on it.

Taking a sales team out for a top dollar night at a show, or to a sports person's gala dinner, is an excellent way of rewarding performance, and will strengthen team spirit through a sense of shared achievement. Activity days work better for building new relationships within a team and testing the limits of people's work skills.

Depending on whether you are looking to train and teach, or reward, the corporate events you choose will differ - and only an agent can give you a truly unbiased selection of events and occasions to choose from. Use them wisely and use them well - they can bring out the best in your employees.

By : Shane_Piter

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