Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boss Gifts - What To Get The Boss This Year!

It soon will be that time again, what to get your boss this year? Regardless of how you feel about him or her, there's no denying your boss plays a significant role in your life and a major role in your working life. Besides, simple workplace etiquette says you have to get your boss a gift.

Actually, gift giving is an important part of the modern workplace and can be used to benefit both bosses and employees. Used properly, corporate gifts can do much to both motivate and reward a hard-working workforce. That's why any gift giving in the workplace should not be taken too lightly, it can be a great morale booster and motivator.

Likewise, giving a good practical and well received boss gift, can go a long way in creating a good working atmosphere in your company or workplace. Truth be told, we do all have to get along with our boss if we want to advance in our jobs. Most employees try to please their boss in order to create a good working relationship with them. It simply makes your life a lot easier.

So what gift should we get the boss this year?

A "bag of bedbugs" is out of the question, and you can also rule out a "one-way ticket" to Siberia! Let's try to keep the discussion civil and consider some possible gifts for your boss.

First, have a quick employee get-together to discuss the major interests or hobbies of your boss. You really want to make this a group effort so that everyone can take the credit or blame if the gift doesn't please the master. You need to discuss your employer's favorite pass-times as this will probably give you some clues on a practical gift that will please the boss.

Second, many employees go for a gift which is work related, yet can be personalized. Desktop sets, office furnishings, laptops, pen sets... can be engraved and personalized with your employer's name and a personalized message from all the employees. Regardless of what gift you get, personalizing that gift with a special greeting or message will make the gift more meaningful for all concerned.

Third, many people like giving and receiving the latest special electronic gadget or gizmo - especially something that is hard to buy because of overwhelming demand. Getting such a gift will show you have gone out of your way to please or satisfy the boss. Besides, many of these gadgets such as an Apple iPad, RIM PlayBook can have a good practical use in the office or for business.

Fourth, don't forget that a sense of humor can go a long way in breaking the ice or mending fences, but don't over do this with gag gift that will back-fire on you. Sometimes it is good to give both a gag gift in addition to a really nice practical gift as well - separate the two and your gift giving will generally go much smoother.

Fifth, sometimes a thought or message can get lost in translation. So make sure the gift that you do eventually give your boss, whether it be the latest electronic gadget or a practical desktop set or a pair of engraved golf-clubs, just make sure that a clear message is included from all the employees that the boss is appreciated and respected by everyone. This sign of respect and appreciation, in the form of a simple token, is probably the best gift a boss can receive.

By : Titus_Hoskins

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