Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team Building - Watch Your Profits Soar!

A motivated and enthusiastic team can literally turn your business around, but how can you achieve such an awesome result. Actually it is quite an easy process and will cost you absolutely nothing.

These days there are many stressors in our lives and just surviving can be a monumental task. So to ask an employee to turn up and be motivated to achieve great things is a tall ask indeed. Except - if you provide an environment that is:

* Fun
* Supportive
* Encouraging

Research shows that employees respond well to encouragement, constructive feedback and personal development opportunities. You will also find that your business will benefit from incorporating some fun activities into otherwise dull training sessions, workshops and conferences.

It is a great opportunity to introduce exercises for team building and motivation which will strengthen the connection between individual employees, and also between employees and management.

OK, so how is it done? It really is quite simple; you just need to find ways of integrating fun activities into your business.

This can easily be achieved by adding some simple games, puzzles and quizzes to the mix. They can be utilised in all kinds of meetings to inspire unusual ways of thinking, which usually leads to some great unexpected positive outcomes.

Games and quizzes have a way of assisting the brain to think quickly and they can often result in amazing levels of heightened motivation, enthusiasm and participation.

You will probably be familiar with the popular 'Trivia Night' concept that is often held as a fund-raising activity for charity groups, schools, community groups, aged care facilities, sporting clubs etc.

The format for most Trivia Night functions is to choose a broad range of general knowledge questions as a base for quizzes; but just imagine the results if you could adapt your Trivia questions to focus on specialist subjects pertaining to your own business!

Staff would be rapidly skilled in all aspects of the business and you would know instantly, just by their answers, where their individual interests lie and who is best suited to which department.

Don't forget to reward the highest scorer in some way, perhaps with a cash bonus or generous discount voucher to use within your business. If held on a regular basis you will find that product knowledge, customer service and business knowledge will increase beyond your wildest dreams because everyone loves to have fun and be rewarded for their effort.

By : Sharon_Tappenden

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