Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Characteristics To Explode Your Teams Success

As a leader, you are certainly looking for the best out of your team. However, it is possible that you still don't know the potential of your team. It is possible that you don't even know who the best players in your team are. If that is the case, it becomes difficult to set your team in the right direction when it is needed.

If you look closely at your team, there are a few characteristics that can tell you a lot about your team, including whether they are charged for success or not. The following are these characteristics that you must keep your eyes peeled for.

1. A team that gets to be truly successful is one that sticks together. Good coordination is a must and there shouldn't be petty issues like personal egos bogging your team down. Your team should be devoid of arrogance.

2. A focused team is what you should hope for. Such a team works with well-defined objectives and is geared for achieving end results.

3. Personal accountability is an asset for corporate teams. Instead of laying the blame on others, such teams shoulder their individual responsibilities and help each other.

4. Members are respectful of each other. They recognize that other people in the team have their specific talents as well and they are honored.

5. Members also realize that every member in the team is different. Instead of pulling each other down, they realize that every member is a vital link in the strength of the entire team.

6. Every person of a successful team has an innate drive to accomplish something. This is motivation, which is a vital ingredient of all winning teams.

7. Teams that are successful today have dollops of confidence in them. They take criticism constructively, but they are quite sure of their own skills and talents.

8. All teams that have stepped on the pedestal of success today are creative. They can find solutions to problems, often in highly innovative ways that others might even bill as a risky proposition.

9. A sense of humor might seem to be a weird inclusion in this list, but it is a definite characteristic of winning teams. If a team cannot laugh at itself, it will never take its shortcomings seriously.

10. Another important talent is to have an inquisitive mind, always. This is what separates a good leader from the also-rans.

So, these are the top 10 characteristics of winning teams which you should look for in your own team. If they are lacking, you can find suitable leadership coaching advice on the Internet to give you tips and pointers that could help you immensely.

By : Mike_Krutza

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