Sunday, October 3, 2010

How Words of Encouragement Builds Self Esteem

My parents have recently moved into a full care nursing facility. It became impossible for them to care for themselves and live independently. I have become involved in the arduous task of preparing my parents' home to be put on the market.

They had been living in the same home for 47 years and uprooting them was very difficult. Those roots were planted very deep. As I have been going through their belongs, I ran across a lot of my old school papers.

Looking at the grades and notes of encouragement, written in the infamous red pencil, made me smile. I started to think about how much those simply words of encouragement had meant to me and helped shape my life.

Every time we receive words of encouragement it releases a small amount of "can do" hormones into our system. Encouragement doesn't produce immediate results. It is similar to our body's need for growth hormones. When we are young and growing a healthy body it is imperative to have a constant stream of these vital hormones.

when we receive a steady diet of encouragement it builds our expectations of success in whatever we are striving to accomplish. Whether we are in athletics or business, our successes build our self confidence and helps us compete in a competition rich world.

In many corporate cultures, they are as stingy with words of encouragement as they are with increases in pay. It's as if they think giving praise and encouragement, more than at review time, will give the employee a "big head", or too much self esteem.

Do they think that if they are encouraging to their employees, and those employees start feeling good about their job performance, they will be off looking for greener pastures in other companies?

Encouragement is as important to the new person on the team as it is to the seasoned team veteran. It never get old hearing someone say they believe in you. Leaders who give abundant encouragement have teams that reap the biggest rewards.

Every time we encourage someone and let them know we believe in them, we are adding to their self esteem. Over time those words are put into their bank of inner strength. In every life, adversities will happen. During those troubled times, we will need to make a withdrawal from our bank of inner strength to lead us.

By : Nan_McAdam

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