Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Has Productivity Fallen?

There are many reasons why you may be noticing that your employees are doing less in the same amount of time they have been given in the past.

This is a drop in productivity and it can affect your business. For example, a simple way of viewing the problem is to consider a factory assembly line. If people were getting through 100 pieces an hour a year ago and today they are only getting through 75, this drop affects your bottom line. It now costs more to get the same number of products made and that means more money to produce the quota you require. Why is this happening?

That is the key question that needs to be answered if you hope to achieve success in rebuilding up to the previous level. You could head out and start yelling at people, demanding that they work better, but that is rarely going to provide you with the benefit you are looking for. Most people do not respond to that type of interaction.

Rather, you may want to investigate further and try to understand what is truly causing the problem to happen in the first place.

1. Your team feels unappreciated. If they are not being paid well, that is an easy reason for working less, but in most cases, that is not where the problem steams. Rather, it may come from not hearing that they are doing a good job or not hearing any positive reinforcement from their managers.

2. They are untrained. There are times when people simply are not trained to do a quality job in the most efficient manner. Chance this and you will greatly improve their ability to accomplish the tasks you put in front of them.

3. They are not working as a team to accomplish the goals. Perhaps there is a problem with leadership. There may be a problem with the way one or more of the people are interacting. Or, if you are unfairly disciplining individuals, this too can lead to complex problems within the workforce.

4. They are bored. Plain and simple, the job has become unchallenging and boring to them, which reduces their productivity incredibly.

5. They want to do more or move up. Opportunities for advancement are important within a business. More so, it may be timed to cross train people in other areas to motivate them and encourage them.

Whenever there is a drop in productivity, there is a need to find a way to solve the problem since it is a bleeding of the company's profits. Find ways to motivate and build your group back up to the level they were once you have figured out what is causing them to drop in their ability to produce.

By Will Bicknell

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