Friday, July 10, 2009

5 Key Ingredients in Team Building Events

Planning team building events must be done properly. The first step in the process is to establish a goal. The goal is the benefit that you want your employees to walk away with, the idea, plan, or concept you want to teach them.

It may be as simple as relying on peers or working together in a better way. More so, it should specifically be considered as the foundation of the event. Every activity or event you do within your day should be structured around that goal.

Once you understand the goal, the next step is to put together a team building event that has the following five elements within it.

1. Defined expectations need to be included. The leader of the event should be able to clearly state what the goals are and then work closely with the group to ensure every person understands them. When expectations are defined, everyone can get the point of the event.

2. Understood context is also a key ingredient. While they may understand what you want them to take away, they also need to fully understand the benefits of learning this information. Do they understand the true benefit of teams? Do they see how this will help them to do a better job? This should be clearly stated.

3. Commitment from the team members is just as important. The leaders and team needs to be fully committed to the exercises that will be done to teach the goals of the group. In short, without a commitment to learn, participate and later to take what they have learned and apply it, then there is going to be a waste of time.

4. Open communication is also an important part of making up any team building event. You want to ensure that the team is able to communicate both the good and bad that comes from the activities they partake in. For example, they need to feel as if they can give feedback. They also need to be able to take an honest performance description from their peers. Doing so helps them to improve their ability to communicate openly.

5. Creative imagination is also important to most team building events. You want to ensure that the group is able to work together as a team, but you also need to ensure that they are willing to step outside the box, let it all out and really be creative with their solutions.

Team building events are most successful when they include these aspects. Without them, the group is unable to participate on the level it needs to and they are unlikely to achieve the goals you have set aside for them. This can cause a number of problems in the short term and the long term for the group.

By Brian Middle

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