Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something About Team Building "Away Days"

In the following paragraphs, we will be highlighting the importance of "Team Building Away Days" along with the need for such activities and strategies and the creativity that can be brought into it. Today this term is being commonly used. Even though a lot of money is thrown into it along with man power and intelligent minds, but often it does not pay.

The team building strategies do not seem to work. It is so because often the people who are talking about team building or who are involved with it are ignorant of what a team building is. They are just following the routine and they lack the true passion and creativity that is really needed.

The problem with this failure is that people see that a team is not working well and they think they need a to do something about it. They have a picture in their minds that they think will be well painted after the activity but they do not consider the root causes and problems that are responsible for the failure of a team.

Effective team building can handle many problems in the corporate world. Lack of communication is often a root cause of many other problems. These activities offer the chance for excellent communication and all the workers know whom they are working with. An away day event can have different outcomes.

Most of them benefit a lot and they help the team as well as the leaders. Creative pooling of ideas, brainstorming and confidence building is the key to it. A good team can always payoff well and all the members do get on well.

The teams can perform better if they know the competition. This can sometimes come from the other departments of the same company and on the other occasions the outsiders and the other similar teams in the corporate world can offer serious competition.

A good team is the one who is aware of such competitions hence enhanced performance is guaranteed and brain storming can also help a lot in such situations. The foremost important thing before a team building activity is to know what kind your team belongs to.

There are work teams, sport teams etc. It is easier to manage and get a great team going if you are handling a sports team. As they are all on the same wavelength, just beat the opposite, they is more tam spirit and less personal conflicts.

But with the work teams there are greater issues regarding the team spirit. The individual personalities come out more often and they centre stage the place. These personalities get absorbed in the sports teams but only effective team strategies can hide them or use them for the benefit of team when you are dealing with a work team. Teams are very complex machines and they do falter hence requiring continues re-building and re-arranging strategy and activity.

One thing must be very clear that the team activities of any sort must be conducted outside the office environment and must be refreshing in a way or other. Remember that the key is to enhance the confidence and bring in more motivation to the team. If you target these ends, a successful team building away day is guaranteed.

By James Carruthers

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