Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tips on Generating Traffic to Your Website

Before we learn how to boost traffic to your website, let us examine how explosive traffic can make you money. Many web masters work hard to attract visitors to their website but once they start pulling links, something happens.

They ignore their current traffic and they concentrate on getting even more traffic. They give details of the services they are providing and ask their visitors to pay for it. To them, the only source of income from their traffic is from the sales they make.

But making money on the Internet need not be a long process at all. Did you know that web gurus generate a enormous income by monetizing their web traffic in various resourceful ways? You can do the same. Here is how to do it.

Selling ad space:

Big players on the Internet are always looking for new places to advertise there products/services.If you are generating alot of traffic, you can make money easily by allowing ads on your site. Inviting merchants to advertise on your website will give you Return on Investment.

Affiliate programs:

This is the cheapest and easiest way to monetize your web traffic. By adding affiliate programs to your website, you get a chance to earn a percentage of commission on the products you promote. Promoting products associated with the theme of your website has a very high conversion ratio. You can promote as many products as you want.

eBay programs:

Another great way to make money from web traffic. You only need to place an eBay product listing along with your website content. For example, if you sell weight loss tips, put a list of weight loss supplements listed on eBay on your website. eBay pays great commissions. If the products you promote are good, your visitors will appreciate it.

Sell text link ads:

Sites like infolinks allow you to increase your earnings in very easy way. You will earn easy money just for adding there text link ads to your website.They take care of of billing and payments and you receive the cash.They also offer you tools that ensures that only quality ads are shown on your website. Commissions can range as high as 50 %.

Google Adsense:

Even though they have been around for a long time people are still managing to under-utilize it. Get a membership from Google and start publishing appropriate AdSense script along with associated content. Every click receive can earn you money, possibly as high as $25 per click!

Newsletter ads:

Your newsletter is a way of interacting and you can promote anything you want in it. Apart from promoting products, you can even sell ad space on your newsletter.

Membership website:

A successful guru has at least one of these. People pay money to access content on your website because they consider you an expert.

Link directories:

If you are the owner of a page ranked 5 or better, many websites, mainly the newer ones, will place their links on your website and you can charge a fair fee for this.


As you start pulling in more traffic, you will start to catch the attention of many more money making opportunities via your site.They will reach out to you one way or another.

By Norman Mcculloch

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