Monday, July 13, 2009

Company Team Building - A Method That Works

Company team building is critical in times that are tough.

Your business may have seen a drop in sales. Your employees may be worried about their jobs. They may be looking for a company that is on the move up. You do not want to lose them, but at the same time, you need to find an affordable way to motivate them and to show that your company will make it through the storm.

That is where corporate team building methods can come into play.
They allow you to work with your group to achieve the goals you have, no matter what those goals are. Beyond that, they allow your business to flourish.

There are various methods that you can use to build your team.
While you should look at and compare several of them, you may find that some of the best opportunities are those that are readily available, simple approaches. This method is simple and it is highly effective, just the combination many businesses are looking for.

First, take ownership of the goals that everyone has.
Everyone is part of the goal. Everyone has to be working towards the goal. When you create this, you lay the foundation of success for the event or the session.

Remove those things that are holding your group back.
It is critical to give employees all of the information and tools they need to succeed. For example, there may be some feelings or even real reasons why success is not happening. It is important to remove these inhibitors and blockages from their minds before moving on with the building exercises.

Next, focus on giving them what they need to succeed.
This is called introducing enablers. There are many types of things that could be needed such as simple awareness, resources, processes and even just information.

Once your group has everything they need to succeed, they are better likely to achieve the goals you have for them.

Now, focus on team building processes.
There are many of these types of things available such as development health checks or 360 degree feedback. The key here is to use the method in the right order so that the ultimate goal can be achieved. Keep in mind, when working towards the goal, it is a one step at a time process.

It is critical to focus on your team when trying to use these methods.
The best company team building methods and exercises can strengthen a business incredibly. Those that are not pulled off could even put your business farther at risk. The key here is to ensure that your group is working towards the goal.

By Brian Middle

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