Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Team Building You Must First Analyze Your Possibilities

Team building and teamwork is essential especially in hard economic times. You see, it is easy for your star players to get depressed by lack of performance even when they are giving it their all.

Things are further complicated when budget cuts come and they are given fewer tools to work with and expected to gain larger results. All the while they see their co-workers being laid off and they have no idea if they maybe next. Talk about stress-city?

This is why team building exercises are needed, and the first thing the group must do is analyze their possibilities. Even if things are tough, what is the upside potential, what are the "reality based" possibilities for future achievement? This must be done to create workable goals and set the pace, one the team can keep up with, and one which, will lead to the ultimate desired success.

To create an atmosphere where the team members believe they can achieve these objectives, first, the objectives must come from within the group. Once the team visualizes these possibilities, affirms them, and commits to setting a course to succeed; the group is well on its way to a stress-less journey.

I usually recommend that the management call a meeting and ask each team-member to give them a list of possible and achievable goals. Then at the meeting, write them down on a big board, and let everyone discuss them and come up with additional goals, and potential wins for the team. This is the best way to analyze your possibilities and then make them so. Please consider all this.

By Lance Winslow

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