Sunday, July 26, 2009

Want to Build Better Teams? Study Organizational Management

The research and studies done on organizational capital and management are truly one of the most interesting psychological topics surrounding business.

And if you really want to build strong teams in your business units, it's time to get past all the clich├ęs and start considering what makes people tick and what motivates groups and teams to top performance.

Over the years the topic has indeed intrigued me, unfortunately, it wasn't until after I had retired that I really learned all I wished I would have known while I was actually in the heat of battle and immersed in that reality.

Are the academics correct when it comes to the concept of team building and organizational management and capital? Well, yes and no.

Yes, they are correct in their assessment of its importance, and no they are wrong when it comes to all the "touchy feely" aspects to go about it.

Sure, some of this stuff works and keeps everyone happy and pleasant, but in mission critical situations, frankness, honesty amongst the players, and a reality check is far more important.

Thus, if you want to build a serious high powered team, concentrate on the need for organizational capital and leave the psychologists and academics along with all their proposed methods on the porch with the little doggies.

Leadership and team building done with real winners, and the big dogs doesn't require all the over blown kudos, everyone is a winner motif, or the notion that self-esteem is the key to having happy and content team members.

Look, if you want to win, pay attention to the details, and organizational capital is real, and it does matters, but let's not get carried away on making sure everyone gets a certificate for participation!

By Lance Winslow

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