Saturday, July 11, 2009

6 Events For Every Business

As a business owner, you need to constantly find ways to work with your team. They have the work in their hands. They know what tasks need to be accomplished. It is up to you, though, to ensure that they have all that is needed to get the job done.

More so, you constantly need to ensure that they can achieve those goals by working together as a team. As such, there are some events that you may want to be a part of as a group at least one time. This can help to open the door to the opportunities that the group has in front of them. And, it strengthens your team to accomplish more, together.

Are you looking for a few events to help build your team? Here are some to consider.

1. Award and Recognition Ceremonies: First on the list because of its importance, there is no doubt that your employees need to know that they are a value to the business. This is the type of event you can create yourself, within your business. The key is to make sure that everyone has been pinpointed for some good that they have accomplished over the last year.

2. Team Building Challenges: Every group is divided not by friends or peers but by random items such as the draw of the hat or even by birthdays. They have to beat the other teams. The challenges are activities that many can do.

3. Multi Activity Day: For those teams that may be smaller and more willing to take on a few physical challenges, head out to the activity field. You are sure to invigorate them.

4. Hospitality Events: It does not have to be team building all the time. Rather, you may want to encourage your group to simply work together to have fun. This allows them to get to know each other.

5. Annual Parties or Christmas Events: These are a great way to show you care about your employees. Make sure you are there and you are motivating them.

6. Sales training events- improve productivity and incentivise sales staff: For the sales team, training session that motivate and inspire as well as educate. That way, they are learning something and at the same time working together to learn it.

These are just a few of the many events that you can put in place to help educate and encourage your team to work with each other and to build a lasting working relationship together. Most importantly, you encourage them to work together, in a way that benefits everyone on the team. For many this is just what they need to be pushed to the next level.

By Brian Middle

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