Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Increase Productivity With Morale - Top 7 Ways to Boost Morale For Free

1. Praise a Job well done.

As small business owners we pride ourselves on fixing problems and putting out fires left and right. Be as quick to notice a step in the right direction as you are a brewing problem -- whether someone doubles their productivity or it's a baby step toward your goal, celebrate it.

2. Ask Questions.

A staff meeting, a conference, or at the water cooler is a great opportunity to gain insight to what your people are thinking. If you don't know what their concerns are, you can't help them.

3. Get involved.

Sometimes the only motivation a person needs is an example of what a good job looks like. Show them.

4. Be Specific.

A team should be working towards the same goal or outcome. Does everyone know what that end result should look like?

5. What's in it for me?

If you are great at setting clear goals and expectations for your people, have you addresses their number one question - What's in it for me?

6. Explain why.

Always check to see if your people have the knowledge to complete a task, but if you find they have the skills just lack the enthusiasm, make sure to explain why it's important to the company then revert to point number 5.

7. Listen.

No, I mean really listen. If you take the time to have a genuine conversation with your people and actually listen to their answers (meaning don't look at your watch, cell phone, a person walking by, or think about the 30 other tasks you need to do) they will feel genuinely appreciated.

By Andrea Atkinson

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