Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Team Building Activities for Adults - How to Develop

Teaching team building techniques to children is generally not very tough. The problem lies with adults. Activities designed for adults have to be innovative and result oriented. Some free team building activities for adults should be developed to make the whole exercise interesting and effective.

The first thing to do to build a team of adults is to involve every member in the formation of the activities, games and exercises required. You have to decide upon the activities you want the team to perform. The techniques here should give you some ideas about what you should do.

Warm Ups

1. Drawing Paper: This is a simple and quick game that takes about a minute. You require three sheets of drawing paper and color pencils or pens. Divide the people into three groups. Give a sheet to each group. One member of each team begins by drawing a line. The other members one by one, also draw something, within five seconds each, in continuation with the first line. This activity will give you an idea of the perceptions of the members regarding teamwork.

2. Joining Instructions: Make five or six teams. All the members of each team are required to join various parts of their bodies together. They could join four hands or four feet and two knees or six thumbs or anything else. This will be decided by the coordinator. The first team to finish will shout 'joined'. Points should be allotted and rewards could be organized.

Team Development Activities

1. All Aboard: This can be performed either indoors or outdoors. This is a great team building activity where you have two teams. All the members of a team will help one another to occupy a gradually diminishing space.

2. Multi Way Tug-of-War: Here different groups will be set against each other in a game of tug-of-war. This exercise not only builds strength but also develops communication skills and teaches strategy making tactics.

You can develop various other games and activities to build teams amongst adults. Only thing to be kept in mind is that the activities have to be of a nature that ill suit the particular group.

By : Takuya_Hikichi

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