Monday, September 20, 2010

The Importance of Having Vision for Your Business

By looking at statistics, you can tell that only 10% of the small business created today will make it to success. This is a very trivial figure. Although it does not have to be this way, running a tiny business can prove to be quite tricky. The problem more often than not does not lie with anything or anyone else but you.

There is no point in pointing a finger at the current economy. There is no point in blaming the big corporate business either. The good news is however that this is not something that cannot be fixed. You are the one to fix it.

Once small business owners get fixated on their vision, they have already gone wrong. They have a vision of exactly how they want the business to look and feel and they expect that everybody will have no choice but to jump into it as well.

They then decide to sculpt their ads, banners and sites according to this vision that they expect to be followed by everybody. In the end, they end up going out of business.

The real reason that they end up going out of business is that nobody cares even a little bit about their vision. By being such stubborn micro managers who refuse to see nothing else but their vision, those that they expect to bring in the profits for them become alienated.

Any prospective customer out there wants to buy something from your business because they believe that it will benefit their life somehow. They do not care about where your vision is headed or what it is.

If you think that you love your business vision so much, then you must know that your clients love themselves much more than your vision. If you ignore this fact then you will simply disconnect them from you and your business.

Crafting your collateral marketing therefore calls for putting the customer at the top of a pedestal and not your vision.

By : Andrew_M._Miller

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