Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Was Told a Secret, to Do Something for Myself!

What If, someone told you a secret?

Somebody came to me when I was 'down', and that somebody also told me the 'secret to a balanced way to live! So, on your side, what if somebody taught you how to make money, through what you are good at; without sacrificing too much of your social life and time?

ME? I can? How?

I am fighting cancer, which meant that the health section of any job application form is going to have 'the black mark' for me! In fact, almost all private sectors in a cost sensitive economy WILL not employ a worker like me with a medical bill in sight!

So, he told me that the truth hurts, but ironically, I excel at another form of work. He told me that I needed to have an open mind and start small, before growing to bigger sizes.

I asked; "me? I still have a future to create?"

Invest, in yourself

He told me that the road to success is blurred, but I must have a clear vision before even making decisions to go!

I attended free seminars, and frowned, as I felt that my mind was triggering me to do something about the current state I was in. Then, I made a decision with a clear vision, I will 'take a sneak preview at Public Speaking training sessions!"

I felt the skill in this training was not some specific job skill, but a skill that was essential in life itself! I was pondering over the odds, weighing the pros and cons of making such a purchase decision. Then, the big question 'popped up', from the Speaker.

1. Paying, registering and reserving a spot to be trained in Public Speaking now is around 1,500 dollars
2. Whereas, payment for registration after 'this date' will be a non discounted cost of 3,000 dollars.

I sunk in my chair for a little while, when some people in the audience began to ask questions related to the course, and the mode of payment. I knew that this is it, I had to do it, after all, the fact is 'value for money', cost only made me understand the quality of the product!

You are coming too?

This must have got many readers thinking, as this the most important part, this is an investment in education for you!

By : Stanley_Lai

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