Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cardboard Shredder - What Are the Benefits for Your Business?

A cardboard shredder is an electrical machine with the sole purpose of busting up cardboard into slivers for recycling or re-use. Alternatively, they can have cutters that chop the cardboard into a mesh pattern as opposed to straight strips of card. They are not feeble or flimsy like the average office paper shredder, they are tough, powerful and durable.

But what reason might you want a cardboard shredding machine in you business?

The first benefit of owning a card shredder is that you can recycle your cardboard. Waste cardboard costs money to have removed by waste contractors. It costs money to break down cardboard boxes in terms of time and labour.

Now there is little you can do about the labour costs of breaking down cardboard but if you process the cardboard using your cardboard shredder, you can transform it into a useable product.

Shredded cardboard can be used as packing filler for your outbound goods. This costs you nothing other than the labour time you use to shred it. You would use that labour time breaking up the boxes to have them placed in a refuse skip for collection anyway, so why not use that labour time processing the cardboard through your cardboard shredding machine?

If your business has inbound goods in bulk and sells outbound goods in smaller quantities, package filler is a viable use for this card. However, if this does not suit your business needs, you can process the cardboard and sell it on to other businesses as filler for their outbound parcels or alternatively, it can be used a fuel for suitable furnaces or better still, used as bedding in zoos and at horse stables and the like. The shredded cardboard has the added benefit of being both highly absorbent and hypoallergenic. It also absorbs odours which in itself is no bad thing in bedding materials.

Using a cardboard shredder can also add to your green credentials when you explain to your market that you recycle. In this day and age of environmentalism, every little thing help improve your unique selling point in a crowded and competitive market. Make a point of explaining to your customers, in your marketing material, that you are environmentally aware. It will reap rewards.

Alternatively, if you cannot find a use yourself, sell the shredded card for profit to local businesses as a packing filler. As I have already mentioned, zoos and stable yards or horse racing stables will all make potential customers.

Cardboard shredding machines come in many shapes and sizes. Find one that suits your needs for now and the forseeable future of your business.

By : Mark_E_Kaye

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