Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why Location Based Advertising?

In this growing era of competition, one of the latest means of advertising is Location based advertising (LBA). It is an effective means of advertising which rounds up clients by sending location-based text ads to their cell phones using location tracking technology and mobile networks.

Consider an example of some tourists in New York looking for a good place to eat but they don't have much idea about the local restaurants there. Now a very simple solution for them is to contact dinning club's websites using mobile and they will provide them with a list of restaurants according to their location, time, culinary choice and a discount coupon sometimes also goes with the offer.

Two Approaches-

The simplest way to understand Location Based Advertising is to break it down into two types, i.e., push and pull approach.


With the Push Approach, you initiate the marketing and ads are sent to mobiles phones based on their geographic location. This way you're targeting either the mobile phones of the general public or of specific people who opt-in or sign up to receive your ads.


With the Pull Approach, the users themselves are seeking information for some certain thing. In contrast to the push approach, here the ads are sent to them on their request. An example of this approach is someone in your town looking for a nearby Chinese restaurant or banquet hall. In this case he can use a mobile application that will provide him with the details of the place along with a map and a coupon as a bonus.

Overall, LBA has three distinctive advantages; these are increased reach, more relevance to your customers and better results.

Since nowadays mobile phones are about as common as house keys you've got a sure fire way to reach your customers you've got a way to give them the exact kind of information they are seeking, which makes you and your brand very relevant to them as well.

By : Vernon_Harleston

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