Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Is the Essence and Emotion of Your Business?

Many people try to accomplish their goals by talking action. Taking action without the proper mindset or mental preparation is often minimally effective as well as unpleasant. The time and effort you put into deliberately directing your thoughts will greatly improve your effectiveness in achieving your goals, as well as your joy in the journey.

The most effective way to replace a thought that is not serving you is to deliberately choose a thought that feels better. One effective tool is the Abraham-Hicks process "Wouldn't if be nice if..." Examples: When you can't think of a solution-wouldn't it be nice if ideas came to me easily? When you are feeling anxious-wouldn't it be nice if everything worked out just fine?

When you're feeling lonely-wouldn't it be nice if I made a new friend today? This lets you realize that you do have the option to choose a different thought. There are other possibilities out there besides what you have been predominantly thinking. "Wouldn't if be nice if" increases your positive expectations and raises your vibration.

Ultimately, everything we think we want is not because we want the object or experience itself, but because we want a particular feeling that we think the object or experience will give us. For instance, if I asked you why you do the job you do, you will probably tell me it's because you want to make money. But you can make money in lots of ways-why did you choose this particular profession?

What is the essence of what you want to accomplish with your work? Do you want to help people relieve stress and feel more content? Do you want to help women feel important and pampered? Do you want to show people ways to beautify their surroundings? Do you want to inspire others to their greatness?

Once you have identified the essence or mission of what you do, identify the primary emotion you feel when you carry out your mission. Do you feel delighted, or fulfilled, or connected? Maybe you feel creative, or playful, or empowered. Perhaps you feel expansive or appreciative or hopeful.

This is so crucial: the essence and the feeling behind your business is where your focus should be. This is really the only thing that matters. If your focus is there then your actions will be in alignment with achieving this mission and this feeling, and the money will come because you are acting in accordance with your mission and you are deliberately doing things that feel the way you feel when you pursue the essence of your business.

Let's say the essence of your business is to help people feel less stress and more content, and the feeling you get when you accomplish that is appreciation that you were able to provide that relief for them. What can you do today that always makes you feel appreciation? You can take a walk and focus on how much you appreciate your beautiful surroundings.

You can go to the grocery store and appreciate the bountiful selection that is so easily available to you and all the people who had a hand in bringing it there. You can call a friend and tell her how much you appreciate her friendship. Then ask yourself, "What can I do today to help someone feel less stress or more content?" and do that.

This may have nothing to do directly with your business-or it may. The important thing is that you are true to your mission in whatever form that takes today, and that you do something today the elicits the feeling you identified as the primary one you feel when you accomplish your mission.

When you have identified the one thing that is the essence of your business, plus the one primary feeling you get from carrying out that mission, and you deliberately focus there each day, you will become like a lighthouse that is a beacon for those who resonate with that message. Your business process will revolve around the essence and the feeling.

What are all the ways you can accomplish the essence of helping people feel less stress and more content? If you are considering a new product or new process, ask if it will help your clients feel less stress and more content. You are then being true to the essence of why you are doing your business.

The more clearly you can state the heartfelt mission of your business, the more easily everything in your business will flow. Discover the essence of why you have chosen your profession and the emotion you want to feel as you shine that light to others, live it every day, and you will experience success and satisfaction beyond your current experience.

By : Sara_Blumenfeld

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