Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Start a Home Handyman Business

Are you the go-to guy on the block when it comes to household repairs? Every street has its resident handyman, and if you are the one in your neighborhood that is called on to fix leaky sinks, replace appliance plugs, and so on, then perhaps it is time that you turned your abilities and skills into profit by starting a home handyman business!

In all reality, when given an alternative, most folks would rather spend their free time doing anything other than fixing the many little problems that tend to pop up around the home. Home repairman businesses are always in demand in every neighborhood, in every city around the country.

And having your own small business can help you to supplement your regular income or to build a full time income doing something that you enjoy. If you're tired of "working for the man" then this type of business can be your ticket to financial freedom and independence.

Getting Started

Since you are "handy", then chances are good that you already have the tools of the trade in your home garage. That means that starting an actual repairman business is going to be less expensive for you than most other types of businesses would be.

You will still need to get a business license and to carry insurance. You may also need a contractors license and a certificate of safety that authorizes you to work with electricity and plumbing.

Find out the exact requirements and certifications, permits, and licenses you will need by visiting your local courthouse. After you have met the legal requirements, you will want to look at different names for your handyman business, and find a catchy name that says a lot about what you offer and your philosophy of doing business.

You will also want to purchase some record keeping/bookkeeping software, unless you plan to pay an accountant to keep your books for you.

After all these years of helping others out (mostly free of charge) you may be unsure about what services go for nowadays. Research other handyman businesses in your area, and set your rates competitively based on their rates. You will likely want to charge more for after hours and weekend work. You can charge a flat rate per job or an hourly rate, and it is a good rule of thumb to give free estimates as needed.

Create a list of services that lets your clients know what you can and cannot do. For example, if you do plumbing jobs and electrical jobs but not carpentry jobs, make that clear when you advertise your services.

You should also create a list of good references for those folks who will ask for them. This should include folks that you have done a good job for in the past who will sing your accolades if asked about your performance.

When advertising your business, be sure to use the regular avenues, like newspapers and flyers. Also consider having a custom website built where you can draw in new customers from your local area every time that someone from your community searches for a handyman. A website can catapult your handyman business to success!

By : Joseph_Alexander

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