Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Right, Best People - Building Awesome Creative Teams

Let's talk about pulling together the right creative team. That's important because it's your team who are going to drive the creativity of your business and get the results you need. If you get the wrong team in place, it just makes life harder and getting things down becomes somewhat of an uphill battle. Get the right team in place it makes life easier and everything just seems to fall into place.

Getting the team right in place is paramount. You can have a team of the most talented, creative people, but if that team doesn't cohere or is not aligned with each other, and with your overall vision and goals, then you're not going to get 100%.

Building an awesome team of creative people is not about getting the right people on board. It's also not about getting the best people on board. It's about getting both the right people and the best people on board. In other words getting the right mix of the right, best people.

You see you can have the best talent available in your team, pay them a fortune and you will, of course, get results. But you may not get the best results. If they don't get on with each other, then you get personality clashes and bad energy flying around. If they're not aligned, then you also get disharmony

You can also pull together a team of the right people. By that I mean people you love what they do, take ownership and are aligned to your vision and your values, and yes you will, of course get results, but if they lack the expertise and star quality in their work, then as a team they won't be as punchy and effective as they could be.

But when you get a team of highly creative people together and it's the right mix of highly creative people, then it's a powerful thing. Not only do you get amazing work but you also get harmony, drive, and alignment in everyone working towards achieving the same goals and in being part of something bigger than them. To put it in pain language, when you get the right, best creative people - it just rocks.

So here are three things to consider.

Alignment: Does you team take ownership of your vision and your values. Are they on the same page?

Diversity: Is there diversity in your creative team? And by diversity I don't just mean in skills, but also background, industry and life experience.

Skills: Does your team have the right skills and the best skills? Yes you need a team of experts but you can encourage them to build upon and expand those skills?

By : Nigel_Collin

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