Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyone Deserves to Be Safe - Oh Really and Exactly Who Is Supposed to Pay for This?

It is amazing how many laws, rules, and regulations we have in our daily lives. It is known that the government's job to protect the American people, but they been taking their mission a little too far.

Now they wish to protect us from ourselves, and they want to make sure that we don't hurt ourselves, and I can't figure out why. The only thing that I can consider is they don't want us to hurt ourselves, or we might become unproductive, and unable to pay their taxes.

Indeed, I know that sounds silly, but let's look at this for a moment, let's have a dialogue on this issue. If we make laws and rules for the stupidest people amongst us, literally for the Darwin award winners, then we will create a society which is totally sterile, without innovation, entrepreneurship, or free thought.

We will create a society and civilization void of what has made America great. Indeed, if we look at other nations we see that their citizens can't think, they can't innovate, and they don't have original thoughts.

Personally, I do have original thoughts, and I have two per day. And it's taken me years to develop my mind in order to be able to do that. Many people in America may only have an original thought once per decade, and perhaps people that live in countries like China may never have an actual original thought of their own. That's a scary thought indeed.

Not long ago an acquaintance told me that; "Everyone Deserves to Be Safe," as he explained why government restrictive regulations needed to be even more invasive. But, I countered this with; "Oh really and exactly who is supposed to Pay for this - Everyone Else, and, if so, Why?"

We have all sorts of rules you understand, we have to wear a seatbelt, we can't talk while driving on our cell phone, and many of these rules are so we don't hurt ourselves, such as wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle or motorcycle, and other rules are so we don't hurt innocent bystanders.

Still, every rule must be enforced, and that takes money. In each time there is a new rule that takes a little bit of our personal freedoms away from us. There are so many rules now that you literally cannot live a single day of your life without breaking some rule, ordinance, law, or regulation without even knowing it. Now then, I live in California, and they actually have contests every year for who can think up the greatest new law.

Instead of dreaming up new laws, perhaps the California government should pay down its debt. Of course, I digress, but this is a significant issue. Does everyone really deserve to be safe? Or should everyone take it upon themselves to keep their family, their coworkers, their friends, their neighbors, and themselves safe and sound, by practicing a little bit of responsibility? Please consider all this.

By : Lance_Winslow

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