Monday, August 23, 2010

Achieving the Balance in Your Business Greeting Cards

Probably you know by now that business greeting cards are totally different from your usual print greeting cards for a holiday or a special occasion. First and foremost, the tone that business greeting cards project is somewhat formal and professional as compared to holiday greeting cards which have a lighter and more personal nature.

Hence, it is not proper to infuse a very personal tone to your business cards to the point of being perceived as odd by your recipient. You would not want to put in something very comfortable and casual as it may not have the effect you intend to achieve.

It is therefore crucial that you learn how to write for print greeting cards that are produced to make and maintain business.

You ought to know how to appropriately address your client through this medium. This article will thus help you write for business greeting cards. Read on and learn how to essentially be cordial but professional.

The first thing to remember when writing for these print cards is to be formal yet somehow informal. Now that balance may sound a little hard to achieve.

Apparently, print cards are more effective when they are made more personal, but with business cards, you cannot just address or treat your client on a very personal note. You run the risk of being misinterpreted.

Therefore, it is important that you master the balance between formality and personal touch. For instance, do not address your client by his/her first name; use titles instead such as Mr. or Miss or Atty. or Dr. And then add their last names. It is crucial as well to do research about your clients to know how they should be addressed.

By doing so, you do not appear too formal and personal at the same time. At least you did not use the usual and oh-too-generic "Dear Sir/Ma'am". This approach is worth mastering though, but with proper research, you will do just fine.

The second thing you need to remember in your business cards is to be polite and respectful. This is standard practice, as you may already know. Use a tone that makes your client feel they are above you and you are ever ready to serve them.

This is a good feeling that clients love experiencing because it makes them feel more special and in control. In so doing, you let people further respond affirmatively to your print cards.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to be always discreet or subtle with your advertisements in your business greeting cards. Do not make your clients feel that you sent them a card just to advertise or sell something. Once you do this, expect people to consider your cards as junk mail that should be instantly discarded.

So as much as possible, restrain your sales talk and just exert your efforts in establishing good rapport with your client. For instance, you can mention that you have just launched your newest product but do not go any further than that.

I hope all these simple tips will help you in writing your business greeting cards and properly addressing your clients and colleagues. Just make sure you learn to balance professionalism and personal treatment so your recipients will find you respectful at the same time warm.

Also, focus on reinforcing good relations with your clients rather than obviously shoving your product to them. That is how you make your print greeting cards more effective for business.

By : Karen_Grahams

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