Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Speed Networking - You Can Connect Introverts and Extroverts For Fun and Success

If you see more speed networking events both in-person and online, it's likely because - they work! But how do you snap your speed networking into a pace that gets you results you want? From business cards, to elevator pitches, to how to listen to be of help, to follow-up and anything in between, you're going to find you recognize something that you haven't been doing and if you act on these ideas now, you WILL get more results with each round of practice.

Here's why speed networking appeals to introvert and extrovert alike:

Extroverts (energized most by other people) love:

- Networking with more people.

- Networking with new people.

- Networking CAN get loud at times.

- Networking in a large group is what you start and end with.

Introverts (energized most by their own thoughts and selves) thrive with:

- Networking in a designated time.

- Networking with structure.

- Networking without small talk.

- Networking is 1 to 1!

And what works for anyone, introvert and extrovert alike:

- The overall structure, typically you meet 15 to 20 people in 4 to 6 minute conversation rounds, is a comfortable and less intimidating environment than typical free for all events.

- A person can learn effective networking techniques through each conversation, repetition and a facilitator.

- The math works for everyone. Connections you make of 15 to 20 people in an hour, times an average of 250 if you have been in business for a year or two.

Networking, if it is in your strategic plan for marketing and business development, tends to lead to a lot of make-me-puke-but-I'm- listening kind of small talk, can wear out an unprepared introvert and because of distractions from the fast fun of it can leave the most ardent type cheerleader, an extrovert, weary. The train is in - speed networking has arrived and gets better with each round.

By : Patricia_Weber

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