Friday, August 20, 2010

How to Make Investors Pull Out Their Checkbook With Only 10 Slides

Have a big investor presentation coming up soon? Need to attract some investors for your small business? Start by creating a 10 slide powerpoint presentation that will last no longer than 20 minutes and then practice practice practice. Here are the ten slides you have to have to get investors excited.

Title - Just include your organization name, your name and contact information. Don't read this to the audience. Start off by telling them what your organization does in no more than 2 sentences.

Big Problem - What is the big problem or pain that your organization addresses? Maybe you have a cure to cancer, or maybe you have a pen that does not leave ink blots. Both are pains. Just make sure you start by setting the stage with the pain or problem

Unique Solution - After you have the audience nodding their head and talking amongst themselves with comments like, "Yeah I hate it when that happens". Now it is time to reveal your unique solution to this problem.

Business Model - We could alleviate a lot of problems if money was not an issue, but unfortunately it is, so now explain how you are going to make money with your unique solution to the big problem.

Unique Selling Proposition - What makes your product or service special? If you are a online marketing firm, how are you any better than the 1 million other online marketing firms?

Competition - Thoroughly explain your competition. Acknowledge their strengths, but you can also point out their weaknesses and where you hope to capitalize on their weaknesses. Never Never say that you have no competition. Even if no one else makes your product, what would keep someone from buying your product? That is your competition.

Marketing Plan - How are you going to find customers? How are you going to convince them to take money out of their wallet and put it in yours?

Financial Projections - Either a 3 or 5 year forecast is best. Give it your best shot on these, but don't waste too much time. What I have learned is that smart investors know that you have no idea what kind of money you will make so they essentially disregard your projections and make their own estimates based on everything else you have already told them.

Management Team - Teams are important because no one can build Google or Microsoft by themselves. You need team members that can make up for your weaknesses and vice versa. Focus your audience on your teams strengths as they will be what drives your success.

The Ask - Now it is time to ask for the funding you need. Don't ask for more than you need. Don't ask for less than you need. Explain major milestones for your organization as well as an expected timeline so that investors have an idea regarding the length of investment.

If you can communicate these ten topics in a clear and effective way you will be on your way toward raising your first round of investment!

By : Adam_Hoeksema

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