Friday, August 13, 2010

A Good Reason to Send a Fax Through the Internet

I have a friend who calls himself "self employed". He is into selling industrial chemicals and moves around a lot. At present, he only has a clerk to manage the office while he is out selling.

One of the main problems with this type of small setup is whether you need to buy this or that office equipment. All of them, big or small, require an upfront investment which individuals like my friend could ill afford.

It is a very difficult decision to make especially when you know that you do not need the gadget all the time but on the other hand all business concerns should have one of those.

One of his problems was whether he should fork out couple of hundred dollars to get a fax machine which he knows will only be used probably only once a day. When he asked me for my advice recently, I told him to send fax through the internet instead.

I made that recommendation because doing faxes online does not require purchasing a fax machine, and is cost-effective.

Yes, some may argue that you need to pay a monthly fee but then again if you look at most of the service plans out there, they charge roughly about USD $10 per month only. Some even offer discounts for annual contracts.

The great thing is that because competition is very stiff, many of the fax providers enable you to send fax through the internet by offering a wide array of service plans. So, if you once fax once in a while, then maybe the cheapest one on offer is the perfect fit for you.

If you really can't afford to spend a dime on internet faxing, then by all means opt for those free fax services. Yes, there are many good providers who allow their customers to use their service for free.

The only draw back is that all the cover notes of your faxes will have advertisements on them. That's how the fax providers make money - advertisements.

In a nutshell, to send fax though the internet is a real money saver, especially for those who are on a shoestring budget.

By : Attan_Denis

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