Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taking Safety Precautions As a Real Estate Agent

When one thinks of dangerous professions, a career in real estate does not come to mind. Real Estate safety always should be practiced. Discussing and planning for Real Estate safety is not something we enjoy but should never be ignored or avoided.

Real estate agents fall prey and become part of some of the highest crime statistics. Although murder comprises a small percentage of these statistics, assault and rape do not.

There are over 2 million reported assault and rape crimes every year. Women are the victims in the vast majority of these crimes. However, males certainly can be involved as well.

Since realtors do not surround themselves daily with other people, as in the corporate world, they become much more vulnerable to the criminal. As professionals, we are always meeting or being introduced to strangers.

We drive them around in our cars and show them homes when no one else is around. One of the most enticing opportunities for a criminal to assault or rape a victim is in a vacant property.

Below are some safety precautions we should be conscience of at all times. Always trust your instincts. Being alert and aware of these safety concerns will decrease the risk of putting oneself in harm's way.

1. Do not judge someone solely by their mannerisms and appearance. Ted Bundy is a perfect example. He was very normal looking and even attractive to his victims.

2. Always meet your prospective client in a public place, such as your office or coffee shop.

3. If possible, make photocopies of their Driver's License.

4. Do not hold Open Houses alone. Try to have a colleague assist you at the home.

5. Take your own car and have the clients follow you when previewing homes. It is also a good idea to make sure you let someone know where you are going and when you should be returning.

6. When showing homes always have the clients lead the way. In other words do not let them walk behind you. Do not go into rooms where you could be cornered such as a basement or closet.

7. If you are showing high-rise condos do not get in an elevator alone with your client. Tell them you need to make a quick call and will meeting them on the 11th floor as an example.

If you are placed in this type of situation use your adrenalin to your advantage. Fight back with all of your might. Kick, scratch, claw, or do whatever it takes. The more aggressive you are, the more likely the assailant will reassess the situation.

We always need to be aware of our surroundings. Take self-defense classes and frequently take "safety" classes. This will ensure we always have our guard up and can continue to enjoy what we love to do as real estate professionals.

By : Jeffrey_Austin

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