Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top 7 Reasons to Employ a Coach

Many of the most successful business executives have a coach. It has helped them get to the top and it helps to keep them there. You will have your opinion on coaching and are for or against. Here are ten reasons to have a coach to help you fulfil your potential. I hope they either reinforce a positive view you already have or make you question some of the assumptions you currently hold.

A good coach will;

1. open your eyes to what you are not seeing. You will have your own theories of the world that help you make sense of the world and come up with your solutions. A coach will intervene to bring other theories in to play and help you create other realities that will improve the solutions you have.

2. improve your working relationship with other people. You have good and bad impacts on people around you. A coach will be able to show you the impact you are having and help you change your behaviours to achieve the intent of your relationships.

3. get other people to do more for you. You focus on performance, task completion and results. The coach focusses on the way you behave and interact with the system of people around you. Behaviour and relationships shape performance and results.

4. help you be better at what you do. You are just like any professional sports star. You are at whatever level of performance you are. Like a sports star you can be better with training. Your coach will work on the way you are to get more out of your potential than you can alone.

5. be a sounding board. There are some ideas you don't feel comfortable sharing with colleagues but you want to test them. The coach is your sanctuary where you can try out these ideas. You can vent and rage in comfort and be guided back to your true intents behind these displays so you get the best results in the workplace.

6. make you clarify what you want. Knowing what you want is one of the biggest challenges for any manager. A coach can have the direct conversation with you that makes you be clear ans specific about what you want and start to see what you need to overcome to get it. It is tough to look directly at what you avoid because you are working so hard at avoiding it. Confront it with a coach and you will progress in leaps and bounds.

7. help you overcome resistance. Resistance consumes so much energy at work and is often very stressful. A good coach will help you understand any resistance you are experiencing and develop strategies for dealing with it effectively.

If you have a coach I hope this is what they are dong for you. If you do not then think about how much more powerful you could be with this sort of assistance with your career.

By : Len_Williamson

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