Friday, June 18, 2010

Position Your Offer For Clients Needs

When selling you must offer must be for clients needs. It is not good pushing and forcing a sell on your terms if your prospect has little understand or requirement for you services.

This just irritates and alienates prospects from talking to you. And if you are not talking to anyone, if no one is listening, then you cannot sell anything.

For example, let me tell you about selling an umbrella.

Most business owners, if asked to sell and umbrella, would pick it up, stare blankly for a moment at it then proceed to tell you about how the umbrella opens and that it has an action button, or a wrist strap.

This is the wrong approach. This is selling the features. If you try to sell this way you will not have much luck as no one will care about the wrist strap or the pop up action button.

This is where you must focus on the benefits to how an umbrella fixes a problem for your specific market.

Let me continue the umbrella example to show you want I mean.

Imagine it was raining outside and you are in an area where there are lots of business people walking passed each day. This people might be men in expensive suits or women how spend a lot of money on their hair.

The suits and hair could get ruined in the rain but you have the solution to this problem with your umbrella as it protects suits and hair from being damaged in wet weather.

So if you position your offer for clients as the solution to this problem, you are fulfilling the needs of that market. Do not just describe the physical product or service, tell your prospects how it will help them.

Will it make or save them money? Will it help them work less? Will it save them time? If so how much, give actual figures of what your service can do for your prospect if they buy from you.

By : Jon_James_Daniels

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