Monday, June 14, 2010

Cleaning Business Office Location - Renting an Office Space

Okay, so now you already have your cleaning business nearly set up and finalized and what you now need is an office location. Although some people use their own place of residence for their office, you might not want to consider you house; cleaning business after all is a business and should not be taken home.

Making a Choice

Although in the cleaning business, opportunities that come are not determined by the location of your office, it is still important that you are comfortable with the location of your office. So basically, the choice as to whether or not to rent an office space or simply just work from home, all depends on you and your personality.

If you like not having a fixed time in going in the office, or you like it that in the middle of doing office work you can take a break and whip something up in the kitchen, then perhaps you are the type who wants to have his or her office at home.

However, if you are the type who wants to have a fixed time in logging in the office and really do things as you do in an office, then you can work at home, since all you need is discipline - and you can also rent an office space if you want to; although this would be an extra expense for your business.

However, in the cleaning business, tips like stay neat, organized, and tidy as a cleaner really does go a long way if you follow it. So if your house doesn't have the luxury of space, you may not want to have your office there.

It could end up crowded and/or disorganized and messy. And this isn't how a home should be like. A home should be a place that you retreat to after a long day at work.

Renting an Office Space

One more of the cleaning business tips you ought to learn: always try to minimize expenses. So when looking for an office space, look for one that is located somewhere that is convenient for you to get to from your home.

You need to be able to get there with the least expenses possible. If the office is in the house, cleaning business clients may be dropping in and your privacy may be "intruded".

However, if it is in a rented space, it is more convenient for both parties, plus the cleaning business opportunities might actually increase.

Hence, most clients find business with separate spaces for their offices more professional and credible. That's what you want them to see you as.

By : Janice_Fowler

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