Saturday, June 26, 2010

Personality and Business

Businesses are owned and operated by people. These owners and operators also have personalities just like the clients and referral sources do. Some personalities mesh well together and others do not.

That is the way things are and that can not be altered much. However if you wish for you business to grow and receive referrals it is a very good idea to incorporate some of your personality in to your marketing.

I am making the assumption that your personality is not an abrasive one in which people in general do not like you. If it is the case that you are not likable then perhaps you should consider an Internet marketing or some other on line business to avoid the face to face interactions.

People enjoy doing business with others that they know like and trust. By sharing bits of your personality you are interacting on a more personal basis and others like that much better.

We have all had the experience of calling a utility company and having to go through the automated phone system with the voice recordings. I have never met anyone who enjoys dealing with these automated systems.

We prefer human interaction. When a business is very automated the human to human connection is lost and as a result customer and client loyalty is greatly reduced.

Certain businesses such as home inspections, plumbers, coffee shops, small bakeries are better able to inject personality in to the business and the marketing better than large companies.This is especially true for businesses in which there is a lot of one to one interaction.

Larger companies that have lots of employees are seen as more impersonal. They are seen as impersonal largely because you may not speak to the same person when you make repeated contacts with them. You rarely get a chance to get familiar with someone.

A smaller company has the advantage of being able to provide clients with consistent contact with only one or a few workers. This of course increases the clients familiarity with the company workers and this boosts knowing, liking, trusting and then increased loyalty.

Do not be afraid to talk a little about your self when it comes to interaction with business clients. It make you less automated and more likable. Being likable and having a distinct personality will make you more memorable and this leads to increased referrals for you and your business.

Be careful though, as your business increases you may be tempted to automate part of your business. If you do inject some of your personality in there also.

By : Jim_Troth

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