Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Christian Entrepreneur Should Pray For Wisdom and Not Money

This may sound strange that a Christian entrepreneur needs wisdom first and not money. Wisdom is from God. The source for Intuition, smartness, intelligence and common sense are human and earthly. There is nothing wrong with and we do so much with our innate capabilities.

But wisdom is from above. This godly wisdom is the ability to know the right from wrong. It is the ability to make decisions based on godly principles. It is the ability to be bold and courageous in the face of danger and adversaries.

The wisdom from the world comes out bitter envy and strife in our hearts. It glories itself and lies against truth. Most sales pitches and advertisement tend to lie more than tell the truth about their products. That is the nature of greed for money.

What is the motive for advertisement? It is to sell and why do a Christian entrepreneur want to sell? Most want to sell to make what we call as a 'quick buck'. Very few are concerned about the customer who buys.

But wisdom that God gives us is first pure and unadulterated. It is then peaceful. It is also gentle in all its dealings. It is full of good works and mercy. It never shows partiality in all his decisions and is not hypocritical.

As a Christian entrepreneur our primary goal is to do the right thing every time. God is not against business but against wrong and sinful ways of doing business. The bible talks about balances. In the olden days most everything was measured or weighed in a trade deal. The business men can easily fix those balances and measures to show more than what it showed.

When you sell 1 pound God wants you sell 1 pound in your balance and not ¾ of a pound. This selling short is a common evil practice among evil businessmen that is admired and praised. God is not pleased with such a person. God expects a Christian entrepreneur to be honest and truthful in all his dealings.

God invites us to come to him if we need wisdom. The wisdom God gives from above will take us through life pleasing God in all that we do. The Bible encourages us to ask for wisdom if we lack it. Go ahead and ask him and he will give you wisdom with all other things. Seek God and his wisdom and all these things will be given to as well.

By : Robert_R_Fenn

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